The Mighty Morphing Garmin GPS

Here at OutdoorGB we have just started selling a new product that has impressed everyone, the Garmin GPSMAP 620. Just when we thought we had seen everything GPS could do, Garmin go and launch this.

Need navigation on land and at sea? Until now it has generally been accepted that if you have a boat, the GPS unit you use on your boat won't be the same unit you use in your car. But why bother buying two GPS units, when you can have one GPSMAP 620? Prepare to be impressed, we were! With just a simple touch on the 5.2 inch screen, the GPSMAP 620 switches from a state of the art Marine GPS to a state of the art Car GPS. No need to bolt anything on, no need to mess around, this is GPS metamorphosis with just a simple touch.

When we say state of the art, we mean state of the art. When you load up Garmins acclaimed BlueChart® G2 Vision charts, you get high quality vector charts together with tidal charts, 3D views of major features and aerial and approach images of harbours. In the car? Switch to City Navigator mode and get Garmin's superb Car GPS routing maps including voice prompts, safety camera information and turn by turn guidance. Once you have done in the car, if you really want to, you can switch the unit to Walking Mode! In Walking Mode, Garmin's street maps and points of interest markers make venturing into new territories a whole easier and more fun too.

When out on the water, the GPSMAP 620 will provide a 3D 'mariner's eye view' above the waterline and also the wonderfully named 'fish eye view' below the waterline. Guidance technology searches chart data to suggest the best passage with optional BlueChart® g2 Vision data. You’ll always get the big picture with a worldwide basemap that comes as standard on the GPSMAP 620. The GPSMAP 620 is also NMEA 0183 compliant, so it can be easily added to an existing marine network. With access to fishing charts, tide and current data, marine services, coastal roads and more via optional BlueChart g2 Vision data, you’ll always be in the know while you’re on the water.

When back in the car, the GPSMAP 620 provides turn-by-turn directions with optional City Navigato. Route planning has never been easier, whether you’re searching for a boat shop or just looking to get a drink at a beach side taverna, you’ll be able to plan the quickest and most efficient route. You can also create custom points of interests (POIs) and set up proximity alerts to let you know what’s in your path as you travel down the road.

Amusingly elsewhere on the internet they are suggesting this could be a useful tool for drug smugglers in Miami! We are not sure about that, but we do think the GPSMAP 620 is the ultimate navigation solution for those who need GPS in both the car and the boat.

Find out more about the Garmin GPSMAP 620 here.

Oh and if you have just read this and been inspired to smuggle some narcotics off the coast of Miami using the GPSMAP 620, do watch out for Crockett and Tubbs! Garmin GPSMAP 620

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