We’re B Corp Certified

Yes, you heard that right. We’ve joined a small group of independently verified companies committed to using business as a force for good.

B Corp measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact. By becoming certified, we’re legally and morally committed to consider, and report on, our impact across five areas of governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

We went through the wringer to get here – there’s a high bar for B Corp certification – with recertifications happening every three years. By that time, rules would’ve changed, and it will have become even tougher to claim B Corp status.

We’re pretty damn proud of how we size up to others in our industry. In saying that, we know there’s a lot more we can do.


Thermal Innovations


Traditional down is useless when wet. Get soaked and it’ll collapse into a sludgy mess. Hydrodown® repels water, which means your kit stays puffy and you’ll stay warm in the rain, the snow, whatever. The key is our innovative treatment of natural goose and duck down. A special coating creates hydrophobic down clusters that won’t collapse when wet. We like to think of it as souped-up down insulation.


Unlike natural down, our superfine synthetic fibres don’t absorb moisture. And they don’t feel heavy or lose their puffiness when wet. Add a water-repellent layer, and you’ve got gear that’ll make it through any storm. Even if it’s on the way to the cornershop. When we’re out and about, our temperature moves around as much as we do. Hydroloft® is designed to help you adapt. All thanks to the rapid release of excess heat or sweat while you move.


An innovative aluminium vapor disposition technology applied to a lightweight non-woven scrim which takes reflective heat boosting technology to new levels of breathability and heat return. You’ll instantly feel the difference of the ultra-light inner reflective mesh, which directs body heat back to your core and boosts warmth by up to 20%.


When you think about it, Bodymapping makes a lot of sense... Berghaus have used thermal imaging and temperature sensors to research where warmth is needed, allowing them to reduce down-fill on the hottest areas of the body and increase fill on the most crucial. This means better warmth to weight ratios, reduced bulk, and improved mobility.

Offset Baffle

You know those lines on your jacket where there is only a thin layer of stitched material between you and that uncomfortably fresh breeze? Say no more - Offset Baffle technology massively boosts warmth and avoids any cold spots found in simple stitch-through construction. This design makes sure every gram of insulation counts for Berghaus' high-performance insulated clothing, whilst maintaining flexibility and reducing weight compared to alternative options.