-8th April 2011

Camaro Wetsuits

Camaro are leading manufacturers of high-quality, technical wetsuits designed for a variety of sports and activities.

-6th April 2011

Time for Watersports Fun and Games

With summer round the corner, OutdoorGB have a great range of motorboat-powered watersports products, with the water skiing and wakeboarding ranges including some of the biggest names in the business, CWB and Connelly.

-2nd April 2011


Kayaking can be a sport enjoyed by everyone of all ages and sizes and can be used for all manner of purposes from catching some breakers to a gentle cruise on a river or lagoon. At OutdoorGB, we have a superb range of Kayaks from three leading manufacturers: Bic Sport, Sevylor and Teksport with something to suit everyone.

- 27th March 2011

Marine Binoculars

Marine Binoculars are generally identified by their waterproof properties, rubber armouring and their optical specification. Marine Binoculars can greatly increase the pleasure of a boat trip or cruise as well as providing advance information of potential hazards.

- 22nd March 2011

Aquapac Protective Bags, Pouches and Cases

The Aquapac range of Protective Bags, Pouches and Cases offers specifically designed pouches for waterproof, watertight use of mobile phones and small bags and cases for compact digital cameras, SLR cameras and video cameras and of course Aquapac can accommodate new portable electronic devices such as MP3 players and iPods.

- 3rd March 2011

Sailing Watches Keep You On Course

Whether racing a yacht or a dinghy or cruising on a leisure trip, OutdoorGB's range of Sailing Watches will help you keep on course on the water. For competition sailors, a good dedicated Sailing Watch will give you the countdown timer functions that will mean you hit the start line on time, every time.

- 1st March 2011

Waterproof and Breathable SealSkinz Clothing

SealSkinz waterproof and breathable clothing keeps you dry and comfortable! SealSkinz products use a unique range of waterproof clothing accessories patented technology designed for a whole range of activities. In any outdoor pursuit, you can face conditions that have the potential to leave you damp, cold and miserable. SealSkinz Gloves, Hats and Socks allow you to forget about problems such as damp hands while skiing, soggy feet on the mountains or a cold head when sailing.

- 21st February 2011

Suunto Watches

Suunto Watches are for active people of all standards whether outdoors enthusiasts or into fitness training or leisure or race sailing. Suunto’s Altimeter, Barometer & Compass (ABC) watches set the standard in outdoors wristop computers with the Suunto Core their market leader and available in a wide range of case and strap designs including the best-selling Suunto Core All Black and the All Black Military version.

- 28th January 2009

Julbo Looping Sunglasses

There is a story to tell with the Julbo Looping Sunglasses, but there is no need for kid gloves to be worn.

- 2nd September 2009


Currently mesmerising and amazing everyone throughout the OutdoorGB office is .... the WondaWedge!

- 1st September 2009

Buying Back to School Backpacks

It is back to school time so thoughts are turning to purchasing uniforms, stocking up on stationery and buying backpacks.

-12th August 2009

Hides Sunglasses Skins

Developed over a beer and a pair of brand-new yet scratched pair of sunglasses, Hides Sunglasses Skins solve one of life's little dilemmas ... where to safely put your sunglasses.

- 6th August 2009

Speciality Walking Boots and Hiking Footwear

Putting your best foot forward on challenging terrain has just got easier, thanks to the extensive range of speciality walking boots and hiking footwear available at OutdoorGB.

- 31st July 2009

Water Purification

The often-heard phrase “it won’t hurt, it’s only a bit of water” actually really couldn’t be more wrong; water can be dangerous. Read more on how to make it safe with our range of water purification products.

- 30th July 2009

Exped Sleeping Mats

Ah camping, the joy of the great outdoors. After an extremely active day outdoors, getting a good night's sleep is important. A good night's sleep in a tent, you cry? Yes, a good night's sleep under the canvas does exist and it is down to Exped sleeping mats.

- 13th July 2009

Mongolian Charity Rally

Alice Paisley and Juliet Waud apparently had a momentary lapse of sanity and found themselves signing up to the Mongolian Charity Rally 2009. They approached us for help (not with their mental health!) and we were impressed by their dedication and support for good causes so we thought it was only right we got involved in sponsorship ...

- 3rd July 2009

Guide to Camping Stoves

With camping becoming the new fashionable choice of getaway, many people are choosing to holiday closer to home. With our guide to camping stoves you will also be able to bring a touch of home cooking to the campsite.

- 2nd July 2009

Introducing the Dakine 2009 Summer Collection

Down at OutdoorGB, we have recently brought our Dakine range (named after the Hawaiian Pidgin word meaning ‘the best’) right up to speed.

- 1st July 2009

Water and Electrical Items Don’t Mix

This fact is perhaps one of the simplest things you learn as a kid. Here at OutdoorGB, we have taken that knowledge installed as a child and used it in our range of Waterproof Cases and Drybags.

- 22nd June 2009

Polar Fitness Watches

From a pledge to lose weight that sees you running round the block a few times a week to the committed athlete training for a competition, here at OutdoorGB we have a Polar fitness watch that will suit your exact needs.

- 12th June 2009

Work and Rescue Equipment

The old adage goes "it is better to be safe than sorry". Now a lot of adages are nonsense but, at the risk of sounding like your mother, this one isn't and we have our feet firmly placed in the safe camp. So much so, we have an excellent range of work and rescue equipment available.

- 9th June 2009

Travel Accessories and Necessities

Everyone is getting away, they call it the Great British getaway. It may be great but it still involves a lot of packing, planning and preparation. Thankfull, OutdoorGB have a whole host of travel accessories and necessities that will see you packed, planned and prepared and all with minimal effort - isn't that great?

- 8th June 2009

Deuter Sleeping Bags

So officially summer is in full swing, the temperature has sky-rocketed then sort of sunk and, if you go by previous form, will likely see-saw. Look no further - Deuter sleeping bags are perfect for a summer of uncertainties.

- 4th June 2009

Heart Rate Monitors

For the avid athlete looking for a high-tech solution for their training data, OutdoorGB have expanded their current product range with a selection of Heart Rate Monitors that are used by professionals in training for events such as the ITU World Triathlon Championship Series, various marathons and of course the Olympic Games.

- 1 May 2009

Suunto Sponsored ITU World Triathlon Championship Series

This weekend, Tongyeong, South Korea welcomes the international triathlon community for the start of the Suunto sponsored ITU World Triathlon Championship Series.

- 21st April 2009

Make Camping Much More Comfortable

Festival? Camping holiday? Read more to see the 10 things that will improve your trip in a tent and make camping much more comfortable.

- 20th April 2009

Swim-Proof Garmin Forerunner Training Watch

The latest innovation in fitness technology is now available to pre-order at OutdoorGB. Read on to discover more about the first Swim-Proof Forerunner watch from Garmin.

- 17th April 2009

Speedo Swim-Inspired Timing Instruments

Synonymous with swimwear, the technology, comfort and creativity of the Speedo world now comes to your wrist. Read More to find out about the Speedo swim-inspired timing instruments for the swim and fitness consumer that are now available at OutdoorGB.

- 16th April 2009

The Zippo Lighter Revolution

"It works or we fix it for free" has been the official line from Zippo since the very beginning. For over 75 years, this unconditional lifetime guarantee has seen Zippo lighters gain iconic status and become a popular choice the world over. Now OutdoorGB joins the Zippo revolution.

- 15th April 2009

Suuntoand the ITU World Championship Series

Innovative changes to the format, larger cash prizes and a partnership with Suunto - the ITU World Championship Series is fast approaching.

- 8th April 2009

Girls' Guide to Hiking, Climbing, Mountain Biking and Skiing

Girls, if you are interested in getting involved in outdoor pursuits, you may find everything a little daunting and overwhelming, but don't despair help is at hand. Whether it is hiking, climbing, mountain biking or skiing, OutdoorGB can help you get started in the great outdoors.

- 7th April 2009


Want complete freedom when choosing a holiday? Read more to find out how camping can make the most of the great outdoors and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

- 22nd March 2009

Walking Boots

Top-of-the-range sunglasses, a watch that doubles as a heart rate monitor and a fluorescent hiking pole are all very well when embarking on a demanding outdoor trip, but it is the modest boot that will ultimately carry you to your destination. Read more to find out about the importance of looking after your feet and choosing the correct pair of walking boots.

- 20th March 2009

Kit Out Your Canine

The dog is man's best friend, the faithful companion to so many humans around the world and perhaps your next partner on your outdoor adventure. Read more to find out about the correct equipment for your Collie when climbing, what your West Highland Terrier should wear when walking and kitting your Karakachan out for kayaking.

- 19th March 2009

Need to Find Your Way in Both the Boat and the Car?

Want marine and automotive navigation? Read more to see how the Garmin GPSMAP 620 will single-handedly provide your answer.

- 13th March 2009

Casio Pro Trek Watches

There are watches that tell the time but there are watches that could also save your life: Casio Pro Trek Watches are among them.

- 10th March 2009

Which Backpack Is the One for You?

Daypack? Rucksack? Courier bag? Waterproof backpack? Laptop pack? Read more to find out which backpack is for you.

- 24th February 2009

Suunto Lumi Introduces Digital Elegance

When it comes to watches, digital and elegance are two words rarely spoken together to describe the same watch. The Suunto Lumi Ladies' Outdoors Watch is out to change this.

- 23rd February 2009

Getting into Mountain Biking?

Don't know your base layer from your bite valve? Whether you want to regularly ride downhill trails or just want to cycle the daily commute, Read More to discover the OutdoorGB Guide to Mountain Biking.

- 19th February 2009

Go-Getters See the Light Hands-Free

Our bright idea means you can still experience that adrenaline rush even when the lights go out.

- 16th February 2009

Garmin Launch New GPS Concept

Here at OutdoorGB we have just started selling a product that has impressed everyone just when we thought we had seen everything GPS navigation can do ...

- 3rd February 2009

Garmin FR60 Available to Pre-order Now

Following on from the success of the Foreunner 50, Garmin have announced the launch of its successor, the Garmin FR60, available to pre-order now.

- 2nd February 2009

Featherlite Range from Montane

Lighter and packing down smaller than an apple, when the heavens open, the Featherlite Range from Montane could just be your saviour.

- 28th January 2009

Ski Equipment

Don't get off piste looking for quality ski equipment. Read on to see ski equipment that won't be binworthy after just a week on the slopes.

- 22nd January 2009

GPS within All in One Device

Are you a keen outdoorsman with a need for a compass, barometer, altimeter, thermometer and a GPS device but don't have enough hands to carry them all? Read more to find out about the Suunto X10 GPS Watch that will prevent you needing to lug everything bar the kitchen sink around.

- 19th January 2009

Snugpak Warm Clothing

Cold? Read on to find out how Snugpak warm clothing can help you embrace the freezing weather and banish those winter blues.