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Tatonka 75L Great Escape Travel Backpack

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Suitcase rucksack with detachable daypack.

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Tatonka 75L Great Escape Travel Backpack

Suitcase rucksack with detachable daypack.

This is still one of the most popular TATONKA products ever. With the V1 carrying system for heavy loads and its functional division, the Great Escape is still always a good choice when you're looking for a tour partner. It has a detachable division between the base and main compartment and a back carrying system that can be completely covered and which protects from damages during transport.

When you arrive at your destination the Great Escape can also be comfortably carried as a bag using an additional shoulder strap - which is practical when you're travelling on public transport for example. And a very special extra: for smaller tours the Great Escape always has the detachable daypack close at hand.


  • V1 carrying system
  • Detachable daypack
  • Division in the main compartment
  • Removable section between main and base compartments
  • Base and main compartment can be packed separately
  • Completely concealable back carrying system
  • Attachment option for optional strap (not included)


  • Material: Textreme 6.6, Snow Crust
  • Size: 73 x 37 x 28.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.10kg

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