Travel Accessories and Necessities For the Great British Getaway

With the Great British getaway commencing, attention turns to packing, planning and preparing for summer holidays. Getting the right luggage and travel accessories can be a chore especially when you have to contemplate trawling through airports, getting in taxis and checking into hotels. When constantly on the go, it is essential you have everything you need to hand, for this reason, the leaders in outdoor equipment and climbing gear have a vast range of new extremely useful travel accessories, absolutely ideal for your annual break.
With over 60 per-cent of the UK population taking at least one holiday in a given year, it makes sense to stand out from the crowd and invest in luggage with a difference.
Stocking a wide range of solutions suitable for all aspects of travelling, from daytrips to long haul, even offer a dedicated section on the site aimed at child travellers.
Chief executive of one of the leading outdoor clothing and equipment  retailers, Edward Giles, said, “We are now providing new travel accessories from leading brands like Lifeventure, Deuter, Tatonka, and all just in time for summer! Those going away often under estimate the importance of carry cases and baggage, but you need a whole host of different travel accessories, from wash bags to camera cases, and it is certainly better to be prepared.”
Picking out suitable wash gear for a big trip can be tricky, and common concerns can include the size of the wash bag, how much space it will take up in your case and if it will hold the goods securely.  The brand new Deuter Wash Bag Ii, is an extremely sensible solution to all of these problems. This large foldout wash bag features a hook and a mirror with two zipped pockets, five insert pockets and buckle closure.
The Tatonka Travelkit, is another great with useful extras such as a padded back, mirror and rotating metal hook and plenty of sensibly organised storage space allowing you to take more than just the essentials with you.
For the traveller who doesn’t like to be left in the cold (literally), the new micro-fibre trek towels from LifeVenture, are a novel travel must-have.  These micro fibre towels are lightweight, compact and absorbent, drying six times faster than the traditional beach towel, solving the problems associated with swimming on the day of departure!
Mr Giles added, “Another great idea for the traveller who likes to be prepared, are our LifeVenture Passport Wallets, ideal forprotecting your passport and carrying your ID and credit cards. Alternatively, for heightened security, you could try our Deuter Organiser Belts complete with Seven interior pockets and a separate zipped front pocket ensure that things are kept neatly organised.
Whether it is a Bank Holiday in Bognor or backpacking round Bali, OutdoorGB have luggage, travel accessories and general travel solutions to suit every need.