OutdoorGB guide to Casio Pro Trek Watches

There are watches that tell the time and there are watches that could save your life. Casio Pro Trek however can do both. For days out in the wildeness, a Casio Pro Trek Watch can be a serious adventuring tool. Whether you are hiking, biking, climbing, fishing or camping, there is a Pro Trek to be adorned upon your wrist. Designed for the harshest of environments, Casio Pro Trek watches are perfect for those who love the outdoor life.

With Pro Trek watches, you get the superb built quailty and ruggedness you would expect of something that is going to get abused when outdoors, as lets face it these are tools and tools are expected to be used. But more than just being something that can be bashed around like a brick, Pro Trek watches feature cutting edge technology and are packed with gadgetry. So packed, you will constantly discover new features and learn something new everyday. The basic premise of most Pro Trek watches is Casio's unique Triple Sensor System. The Triple Sensor System accurately measures temperature, barometric pressure and direction. The latest Pro Trek models however go beyond this, offering even more advanced features. Heres a rundown of the feature found in Pro Trek watches and the models sold by OutdoorGB they can be found on.

Auto Light Switch

AUTO LIGHT SWITCHMore often than not outdoor activities require the use of both hands and without some kind of "operation" from Dr Frankenstein, getting a 3rd hand doesn't come easy. Without a third hand lighting up you watch can prove tricky. Lucky then that Casio developed the Auto Light Switch, whenever you are in low-light conditions and you need to illuminate you watch all it takes is a flick of the wrist to bring the watch into the viewing position and you have instant illumination.

Featured on all OutdoorGB Pro Trek Models.


altitudeThe higher the altitude, the lower the barometric pressure. Changes in altitude are displayed as positive or negative values with respect to an altitude you input in advance.

Featured on all OutdoorGB Pro Trek Models.


Tough Solar is a feature now found across many Casio models including G-shock and of course Pro Trek watches. With tough solar you will never need to change your watch battery again. Instead the Casio solar power system combines a super-sensitive solar panel with a high-capacity rechargeable battery that operates the various high load functions with ease. The solar panel is super sensitive and can even generate power under low fluorescent light

Featured on PRG-60T-7AVER, PRG-80L-3VER, PRW-1300-1VER, PRW-1500-1VER, PRG-50L-2VER, PRW-1300-1VER, PRG-60L, PRG-120-1AVER, PRS-201-1VER, PRW-1500T-7VER, PRW-1200-1VER and PRG-100-3VER


Tide Graph

tide_graphThose who regularly fish the ocean will agree the best fishing can be expected at about the change of the tide from flood to ebb. The tide graph will keep you posted on the moon age and the ebb and flow of the tides to help you select the best time and way to fish and support your creation of an effective fishing plan. As you acquire more and more experience, you shouldn't be surprised if you start bringing home a better catch than the old salts.

Featured on PRW-1500-1VER, PRS-201-1VER, and PRW-1500T-7VER


Barometric Pressure

pressureWhether you need alerting to approaching trouble or reminding to take your swimming suit along, the barometric pressure function shows a graphic display of readings taken at regular intervals, revealing the pressure trend at a glance. When the pressure is rising, the weather is likely to improve, when it's falling, there is usually worse weather ahead.

Featured on PRG-60T-7AVER, PRG-80L-3VER, PRG-50L-2VER, PRW-1300-1VER, PRG60L, PRW-1500T-7VER, PRG-40B-2VER and PRG-100-3VER




tempThe temperature generally decreases by approximately 6.5°C with every increase in altitude of 1,000 meters, or 3.6°F with every increase of 1,000 feet.
If the temperature at 1,000 meters is 10°C, therefore, the temperature at 3,000 meters will probably be about -3°C.


Wave Ceptor

Wave Ceptor technology is probably the most powerful tool you will ever wear on your wrist. Always have the confidence to know the right time. Offering the ultimate in perfect timing, wave ceptor technology ensures absolute accuracy, to the second by automatically picking up a signal from radio transmitters in locations all over the world. Wave Ceptor will readjust the time up to 6 times a day and if that isn't enough it will also readjust for daylight savings.

Featured on PRW-1500T-7VER, PRW-1200-1VER, PRW-1300-1VER and PRW-1500-1VER

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