Since 1888

We are Julbo. We design and manufacture eyewear and protection products for outdoor sports enthusiasts, from extreme disciplines to everyday life. Born in the Jura mountains, our products are designed from the ground up to provide the best protection and comfort possible.

All terrain and all protection, SHIELD will open both your field of vision and your mind to what is possible. Available with REACTIV Photochromic lenses for perfect vision and non-slip curved temples with Grip Nose so they stay on your head when things get bumpy!

Julbo Shield

Air Flow ventilation and removable soft feel side shields guarantee maximum comfort. The sleek rectangular shape ensures style and bold moves go hand-in-hand.

Quite simply, the best technology on the market for outdoor sports.

Designed with athletes practicing their sport in extreme environments, the REACTIV range is available in several versions: a wide choice of photochromic ranges, colours and coatings to meet the different needs of every sportsperson.

Julbo Shield

The lenses react instantly to ambient brightness, adapting vision to the light or weather conditions. As Julbo's flagship technology, the lens comes with a photochromic lifetime warranty and offers exceptional clarity of vision.

Lifetime Warranty
Very high optical quality