"Just get your kit on, step out the door. You'll be as right as rain."
Dr. Ron Hill

An inspirational founder, Dr. Ron Hill, and our home, the industrial North of England, have made us what we are today.

For almost 50 years we've been putting the miles in - but It's not something we make a song and dance about.

We prefer to focus on expertly crafting faultless running gear, we owe that much to every runner out there pushing themselves. Running is pure, simple, unpretentious and deeply human. You become a runner by running – that's it. Put one foot in front of the other and go. Then it's just a question of will; legs and minds versus miles. A glorious, stubborn pursuit of better.

Like our founder, we define ourselves by our dedication to running and our unstoppable, daily hunt for improvement. Our testers have run thousands and thousands of miles over the years, and every stride of their insight and expertise lives in our gear. We're aware there are other sports, but we have no interest in them. All our energy goes into continuing Ron's legacy – forging the best kit we can for the purest sport there is.


As of July 2016 Ronhill have been awarded 'Leader Status' by Fair Wear Foundation, the highest of their performance benchmarking categories.

Together with Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), Ronhill are working to achieve fair working conditions worldwide. Ronhill has been a member of FWF since 2012 and has developed a close partnership with FWF, working together with them continuously over the past 4 years. In order to reach Leader status, Ronhill achieved a monitoring percentage of 91% in the FWF Brand Performance Check for 2016. In these annual reviews, FWF verifies member brands regarding their progress in implementing labour standards and improving working conditions. This marks a significant achievement by the business as only around 10% of FWF member brands manage to fulfil the requirements to be awarded Leader status.


28.98 - 41.15
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Ronhill Mens Core Jacket
16.74 - 20.48
In Stock
Ronhill Mens Core 5 inch Shorts
8.38 - 8.81
In Stock
Ronhill Classic Gloves
26.72 - 32.33
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Ronhill Womens Life 7 inch Unlined Running Shorts
29.29 - 37.92
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Ronhill Womens Tech Revive Stretch Capri
29.76 - 35.14
In Stock
Ronhill Womens Core Jacket
44.42 - 44.68
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Ronhill Mens Tech Twin Running Tights
11.99 - 16.09
In Stock
Ronhill Mens 4.5 inch Boxer Shorts
31.00 - 34.81
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Ronhill Womens Tech Marathon Twin Shorts
29.84 - 31.37
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Ronhill Mens Tech Thermal Half-Zip T-Shirt
16.98 - 21.31
In Stock
Ronhill Mens Core Long Sleeve T-Shirt
13.99 - 18.60
In Stock
Ronhill Mens Core Short Sleeve T-Shirt
17.05 - 19.61
In Stock
Ronhill Mens Core Split Shorts
34.81 - 40.13
In Stock
Ronhill Mens Tech Marathon Twin Shorts
14.76 - 23.51
In Stock
Ronhill Womens Life Tencel Vest
In Stock
Ronhill Mens Tech Cargo Racer Shorts
9.30 - 10.57
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Ronhill Womens Briefs
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Ronhill Light Armband
11.16 - 11.75
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Ronhill Mens Briefs
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Ronhill Light Clip