Water Relief From OutdoorGB.com

The often heard phrase “it won’t hurt, it’s only a bit of water” actually really couldn’t be more wrong, as figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO) attribute 80 per-cent of all travel diseases to contaminated water. With all kinds of bacteria and germs lurking in the water, Outdoor clothing and fitness watches specialists OutdoorGB.com have taken these figures on board and extended their range of water purification products

Many illnesses can be avoided by taking simple but effective precautions when drinking water in destinations where the source may be questionable, or on excursions where safe drinking water is not readily available.

Chief executive of OutdoorGB.com and SailGB.com the leading outdoor clothing and equipment retailers, Edward Giles, said, “Even a small amount of contaminated water can result in ill health and disruptions to your travel plans. Many outdoor and travel fanatics realise the importance of keeping hydrated and drinking plenty of water in hot and humid climates, especially when participating in rigorous activities, but it is necessary to treat this water before it is consumed.”

“At OutdoorGB.com, we stock a full range of products designed to purify, cleanse and sterilise your drinking water in quick and convenient ways. These are especially useful for times when you may need to rely on natural water sources, which could easily be contaminated.”

One such product comes from trusted brand Lifesystems, which offers Chlorine Tablets that are designed to easily disinfect water. Treating up to 75 litres, the tablets provide a quick and safe way to treat water to drink and to use when brushing your teeth. They are also ideal for rinsing fruit and vegetables in purified water before eating.

The Katadyn Pocket Filter is a comprehensive solution for the frequent traveller, and is suitable for use time and time again, unlike disposable filters. The heavy-duty components allow maximum use with minimal impact on the product, and the filter is the only one of its kind to be backed by a 20-year guarantee. Killing bacteria, protozoa and other disease-causing agents, this travel essential will prove to be a worthy component of any travel health kit. Designed for shorter trips away and also from Katadyn is the Hiker Microfilter, which is lightweight and convenient enough to carry in a backpack.

Utilising UV light as another method of decontaminating water, the SteriPEN Classic Water Purifier allows users to destroy many germs and agents known to cause dysentery, hepatitis and legionnaires disease, and all with a simple stirring motion in the water. The purifier produces results quickly, cleansing a litre of water in little over a minute.

For those who want to remain eco-conscious while travelling safely, the Aquapure Traveller - Portable Water Purifier is the right product for you. Capable of purifying up to 350 litres, the bottle saves the user from relying on buying water bottled in plastic. The portable purifier is the only purifier to be full endorsed by the Hospital for Tropical Diseases London.

Mr Giles added, “Safe water precautions apply to anyone and everyone that decides to travel – whether they are seasoned hikers on expeditions, or if they are embarking on their first journey away from home. As well as supplying our clients all they need to enjoy their activities and adventures, we can give them the essentials they need to stay safe and in good health.”