Waterproof and breathable: SealSkinz keep you dry and comfortable! SealSkinz products use a unique range of waterproof clothing accessories patented technology designed for a whole range of activities. In any outdoor pursuit, you can face conditions that have the potential to leave you damp, cold and miserable. SealSkinz Gloves, Hats and Socks allow you to forget about problems such as damp hands while skiing, soggy feet on the mountains or a cold head when sailing.

SealSkinz aim to provide for all outdoor activities by defining what category suits your adventures best. Their Essentials range is suitable for all activities, from dog walking to fell running, window cleaning to bird watching.

The Ultra Light Socks and Mid Light Socks are perfect for specialist outdoors, cycling, running, country and equestrian, sailing and water sports.

Using SealSkinz patented technology, Merino wool for excellent wicking and thermal performance and grip dots on the palms, the Ultra Grip is their most popular glove. Ready for the winter, the Winter Hat, with its breathable membrane and micro fleece lining offers warmth, comfort and waterproofness.

OutdoorGB offer an unbeatable range of UK SealSkinz waterproof gloves, socks and hats.

Buy Ultra Grip Gloves, waterproof beanie hats, mountain bike gloves, mitts and thermal socks for all activities. Whether it is sailing clothing, hunting gloves, riding gloves or long trekking socks and mid thermal activity socks, be prepared for extreme weather with SealSkinz windproof and waterproof clothing made from tough, versatile Merino wool and neoprene. There are many satisfied SealSkinz customers who know just how effective your next pair of gloves, socks or hat can be.