Tilley TMH55 Mashup Airflo Hat

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Want a one-of-a-kind Hat?

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    Tilley TMH55 Mashup Airflo Hat

    Want a one-of-a-kind Hat? The recycled fabric blend of our Recycled AIRFLO® Hat uses leftover yarns from other runs.

    A unique, environmental & UPF 50+ sun protective fabric blend is paired with 3/4" mesh to ensure our intermediate brim Recycled AIRFLO® hat is great for the hot & sunny climates.


    • Maximum sun protection - fabric is certified UPF 50+, the highest given
    • Air flow - 3/4" mesh around crown allows for extra ventilation
    • Guaranteed for life
    • Water-repellent finish keeps off the rain
    • Front & back wind cords system secures hat in gusty conditions
    • hydrofil® sweatband to wick moisture away
    • Keep valuables safe in the secret pocket
    • Buoyancy – stays afloat in water
    • Brim size: Front & Back: 3 1/4"; Sides: 2 1/4"
    • Weight: 3.9 oz / 111 g
    • Fabric: 29% hemp, 28% organic cotton, 36% recycled polyester, 7% rayon