Sevylor Tahiti Plus 3 Package

Bravo 5-Piece 225cm Leisure Kayak Paddle Colour: Grey
Sevylor Tahiti Plus 3 Person Inflatable Kayak Colour: Blue
Tahiti Plus 3 Part Package 2 Leisure Paddles Foot Pump Colour: Blue

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Bravo 5-Piece 225cm Leisure Kayak Paddle

Sevylor Tahiti Plus 3 Person Inflatable Kayak

Tahiti Plus 3 Part Package 2 Leisure Paddles Foot Pump

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    Sevylor Tahiti Plus 3 Package

    Kit Contains

    • x1 Boat
    • x2 Bravo 5-Piece Paddles
    • x1 Bravo Standard Floor Pump

    A timeless classic, ideal for lakes and rivers. The heavy duty PVC frame ensures performance and durability, and the innovative backpack system allows you to deflate, roll up into the spray deck and convert into a backpack for easy carrying on your shoulders. The Tahiti Plus has an increased length and extra seat to hold two adults and one child, perfect for family adventures.

    The Sevylor Tahiti Plus boasts Sevylor's BPS (Backpack System)! After deflating the kayak roll it into the spray deck. It will convert into a backpack and you can easily transport the kayak on your shoulders. Avoid the hassle of a tight fit carry bag and enjoy the incredible portability.

    • Open the straps and roll the kayak up from the front of the spray deck
    • Roll the black straps around the kayak . Pass the black straps into the black rings and tighten. Pass the grey straps into the black rings and adjust the shoulder straps as desired
    • Comfortably carry the kayak as either a backpack or a carry bag


    • Heavy duty PVC
    • Supportive inflatable seats
    • Bow and stern carry handles
    • Backpack system for carrying and storage
    • Sevytest quick pressure check system
    • Boston valve for easy inflation/deflation
    • Five inflatable chambers
    • Repair kit included
    • Holds two adults and one child (Tahiti Plus)
    • Capacity: 200kg (31st, 7lbs)
    • Weight: 13.5kg
    • Dimensions: 385 x 90cm

    Standard Foot Pump

    • Volume: 5 litre
    • Complete with a range of valve adaptors for multiple inflatable products
    • Maximum pressure: 400mbar, 5.8 psi
    • Dimensions: 27cm x 18cm x 6cm

    Bravo 5 Piece Kayak Paddle

    Introducing from Bravo the Five Piece Kayak / Canoe Paddle, this 225cm paddle features a durable aluminium shaft with flat blades for ease of control. With thanks to it's break-down design, this Kayak Paddle can be used as one double paddle, or two single paddles / oars – ideal for solo use or for couples. For ease of storage and portability, the paddle can be stored away in five pieces.


    • Can be used as double paddle, or single paddles
    • Aluminium shaft
    • Drip rings
    • Plastic symmetrical blades
    • 5 piece design with compression joints
    • Adjustable feather
    • Length once assembled: 225cm
    • Colour: Silver