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Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt inc Module

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Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt inc Module

The perfect accessory for the Suunto M5, Quest, Ambit2 and Ambit2 S watches, the Suunto ANT Heart Rate Comfort Belt sends extremely accurate real-time heart-rate data to your wrist watch, helping you to plan and exercise your personal fitness regime from a position of strength.

For a comfortable yet secure fit, the ANT Heart Rate Comfort Belt has ultra-thin buckles which are adjustable over a wide range of sizes to ensure you have a good fit but without the risk of it digging into the skin which can cause painful pressure spots or blisters. The snug fit combined with the reliable ANT technology helps the Suunto ANT Heart Rate Comfort Belt give the most precise readings possible.

The heart-rate module itself can be detached to enable the straightforward process of changing the battery or to wash the strap.


  • Sends precise heart-rate information to your compatible Suunto product in real time
  • Fits the compact belt securely against your body using the front-locking mechanism
  • Minimizes discomfort by using thin length-adjustment buckles
  • Replace the battery easily and quickly using the built-in battery cover key

Please note: this item is not compatible with Ambit3 watches.

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