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Snugpak Softie 12 Endeavour Osprey Sleeping Bag

Season: 4

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Since 1987, the Yorkshire-made Snugpak Softie 12 Osprey Sleeping Bag has been a leader in the field of four-season sleeping bags.

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Snugpak Softie 12 Endeavour Osprey Sleeping Bag

Since 1987, the Yorkshire-made Snugpak Softie 12 Osprey Sleeping Bag has been a leader in the field of four-season sleeping bags.

So well tried and test is it that it has been assigned a NATO number and is used across the world.

Using the signature Softie construction, the Softie 12 Osprey does away with traditional quilt stitching methods that invariably result in cold spots. Polyester fibres give it its unrivalled Softie warmth, unequalled natural spring and self-regulating even distribution.

The Softie 12 Osprey Sleeping Bag also features a reinforced foot to allow sleeping with boots on for emergencies or for when you are just too dog-tired to take them off! Other features include a zip baffle to prevent heat escaping through the zip, liner fastening and mummy shaping.

Furthermore, the Snugpak Softie 12 Osprey Sleeping Bag can be zipped together with another Softie 12 Osprey to create a double bag.


  • Weight: 2000 g
  • Length: 220 cm
  • Chest width: 80 cm
  • Knee width: 60 cm
  • Foot width: 42 cm
  • Pack size: 23 x 25 cm
  • Zip: Left and right versions available
  • Fill: Softie Premier
  • Materials: Paratex Steelplate, Paratex Light
  • Manufactured in UK
  • Seasons: 3 incl winter
  • Temperature: Comfort -10°C; extreme -15°C
Made in the UK

Proudly Made in the UK

Please note this product is made to manufacture and if shown as "Available for Order" will take an additional 10 working days from time of placing the order. If shown as "In Stock" the item is available for next day delivery.


A left-handed sleeping bag has the zip on the left when the user is in the bag and lying on their back. Most right-handed people therefore find a left-handed bag easier to unzip when inside the bag.

Stuff Sack

All Snugpak sleeping bags are supplied together with a compression stuff sack. The pack size dimensions where shown for each sleeping bag are for the fully compressed size, which involves compacting the bag itself as it is fed into the stuff sack and then using the compression straps and some physical exertion to reach the minimum size.

Snugpak Washing

Snugpak do not recommend using a top loader washing machine with agitator because the agitator may damage the fabric or insulation. A front loading washing machine or hand washing is considered appropriate for washing Snugpak products.

Snugpak recommend that you wash any of their products on a LOW temperature setting with non-bio liquid detergent and no fabric conditioner.

Drying Snugpak products on a washing line is recommended. They can be tumble dried but only on a low setting otherwise the fabric may melt.

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