Silva C58 Marine Compass

Colour: Black

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C58 is a bracket mounted steering compass designed for movement and optimized for powerboats.

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    Silva C58 Marine Compass

    C58 is a bracket mounted steering compass designed for movement and optimized for powerboats. You can mount this marine compass in almost any direction or move it between boats!

    Fitted with a detachable bracket, it can be mounted on almost any boat, including power boats, and in almost any direction: horizontally, vertically or up-side-down. With multiple mounting plates (one included) you can easily move your compass between boats as well as between different places on your boat.

    The 12V integrated illumination makes the C58 suitable for night navigation.

    The compass comes with the feature of built-in deviation compensator which allows adjustments (up to ±40°) if the compass is interfered by another magnetic field.

    Silva Quality

    The Silva quality ensures durability and excellent readability; the capsule bowl is made from clear and scratch resistant acrylic. The combination of a sapphire jewel bearing and a hardened steel pivot minimizes friction, which in turn gives rapid and accurate movements. Silva marine compasses have a no-spin compass card is designed for perfect dampening and exact reading. You can trust that even when your boat is exposed to rough seas the gimballed suspension system makes sure the functionality is never disturbed hence you will always be able to read the compass accurately.


    • Compact design – suitable for smaller boats
    • Flexible mounting options adapted to the space in your boat
    • Built-in compensator – deviation compensator so that you always can keep a steady course
    • Built-in illumination that enables night navigation
    • Front black main lubber line
    • Direct reading scale
    • Permanent and/or detachable bracket – mounts vertically, horizontally, upside down or anywhere in between
    • Maximum tilting angle: 200 in all directions


    • Included accessories: Compass unit, mounting bracket, compensator adjuster, mounting kit, Illumination
    • Ip classification: Waterproof
    • Material: Acrylic/ABS
    • Type of compass: Marine compass
    • User level: All
    • Warranty: 5 years
    • Weight: 270g