POC Resistance Enduro Shorts

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Designed for protection and shaped to ensure you perform at your best.

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POC Resistance Enduro Shorts

Designed for protection and shaped to ensure you perform at your best.

The Resistance Enduro Shorts are constructed from a stretch fabric that wicks moisture effectively and are reinforced with Vectran on the knee and hip for extra durability. Shaped and sewn to enhance comfort whilst pedaling, the Resistance Enduro Shorts are designed for a harmonious fit with knee pads to ensure protection never comes at the price of freedom of movement.

Find the Perfect Fit

It's easy to find the perfect fit thanks to the easily usable velcro size adjustment band on the waistline.

Knee Pad Integration

The shorts are constructed to work in harmony with POC VPD knee pads.

Exceptional Durability

The shorts are reinforced with Vectran®, a tear-resistant material that provides exceptional durability.

Technical Details

  • Designed for a specific mountain bike ride fit
  • Very durable and tear resistant Vectran® re-inforced hip, thigh and knee
  • Rider tuned pre-bent knees
  • Designed for seamless compatibility with POC knee protection
  • Water resistant with a durable water repellent finish
  • Two zipped side pockets
  • Discreet and practical zipped card pocket at back
  • Precise fit with velcro waist adjustment