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Pacsafe Reusable Face Mask

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Reusable Face Mask using Hygienic Fabric.

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Pacsafe Reusable Face Mask

Reusable Face Mask using Hygienic Fabric.


A Pacsafe face mask is your essential travel companion.

Air Quality

The air quality in urban environments can get pretty bad. Don't let that smog get you. Wearing a Pacsafe face mask helps protect you.

Make a sustainable decision

Choosing a washable and reusable face mask, means less waste and less stress on the environment.


  • Sustainable - Saves water and energy by requiring less washing with Polygiene® treated fabric
  • Comfortable 3D fit - Stretchable fabric for snug fit and easy breathing.
  • Reusable - Designed for long-term use to prevent disposable waste
  • Anti-splash - Water repellant fabric
  • Material - 80% Knit Polyester; 20% Spandex


To find your size, simply measure the distance between your lower eyelids and chin.

  • Medium: 9.8-10.5 cm (3.8-4.1 in)
  • Large: 10.5-12.2 cm (4.1-4.8 in)

* Pacsafe Reusable Face Mask should not be used as, or in substitute for, personal protective equipment. Please note, we cannot accept returns on these items.