Long Paws Comfort X-Small Dog Harness

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Long Paws Comfort X-Small Dog Harness

A STEP-IN, PADDED, REFLECTIVE, STRONG, & FULLY ADJUSTABLE Dog Harness! The Long Paws Comfort Harness is not just another dog harness.

It doesn’t matter whether your day is filled with long walks on the beach, boisterous runs in the park, or chasing squirrels up a tree, the Long Paws Comfort Harness is the ideal everyday harness to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

The padded harness has a soft padded chest-plate on the underside, which makes it comfortable for dogs to wear and helps to prevent skin irritation on sensitive dogs. The padded chest-plate spreads the weight across the dog’s chest avoiding unnecessary stress, and also preventing chafing. The padding helps absorb shocks from strong pullers, and further diffuse any pressure on your dog.

The Step-in Harness is a fully adjustable reflective harness. The harness is easily fitted by stepping your dog’s paws through the straps, and securing the one clip, all without having to squeeze anything over the dog’s head. Both straps are fully adjustable, meaning the harness can be adjusted to fit your dog, no matter their shape.

The harness is made from a woven polyester and neoprene, and is machine washable. The harness is designed in bright colours with high quality 3M Scotchlite reflective strips ensuring your dog is visible to cars, even in the dark. The harness is ideal for both outdoor excursions and for daily use. Available in 4 fully adjustable sizes.

The Comfort Collection has been manufactured to the highest safety standards and combines great quality with luxurious comfort.


  • A strong secure and comfortable step-in harness
  • Simple: One quick-snap clip for ease of use & dual D-rings for extra strength. Convenient top lead attachment
  • Adjustable: Chest strap and neck strap fully adjustable for extra comfort and safety
  • Comfortable: Padded chest plate design prevents pressure on dog’s neck
  • Reflective: 3M Scotchlight material for visibility in low light
  • Secure: Made from sturdy polyester and zinc alloy metals
  • Strong: Welded anti-corrosion D-ring. Strong enough that they will not break
  • Weatherproof and fast drying
  • Machine washable
  • The harnesses are available in 4 adjustable sizes
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE against material and construction defects


Measuring for your dog for a harness:

  • Ensure your dog is standing still
  • Measure using a fabric tape measure or string
  • Measure the chest immediately behind the forelegs and immediately in front. Both sizes should fit within the adjustable range

XS: To Fit Dog's With Chest Size - 31-37 cm / 12.5-15in

XS: Dogs Up To - 5kg

XS: Harness Strength – 70kg

Note: If your dog's neck size overlaps two sizes, then unless you expect your dog to continue growing, the smaller of the two sizes is probably the better choice for your dog.

If your dog's head, neck, and body are all approximately the same size (i.e. as with Pugs and similar breeds), a step-in harnesses is not suitable for your dog.


Sizing Guidelines: Dog's Chest Size - the sizes below indicate the size of the dogs' chest measured behind the front legs. We have allowed a small amount of space between the chest size and harness size.

Extra Small: 31-37 cm / 12.5-15in

Affenpinscher, Chihuaha, Australian Silky Terrier, Chinese Crested, Dachshund (Miniature), English Toy Terrier, Griffon Bruxellois, Italian Greyhound, Japanese Chin, King Charles Spaniel, Lowchen, Maltese, Papillon, Pekingese, Pinscher (Miniature) Pomeranian, Poodle (Toy), Yorkshire Terrier.