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Keela Mocha Advance Zip Top

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Keela Mocha Advance Zip Top

Depending on the weather, the Keela Mocha Advance Zip Top can be worn either as an outer or mid layer in warm weather or as a base layer to provide extra insulation in colder conditions, making it a particularly versatile product suitable for all conditions. It features a short collar and zip ventilation to facilitate air flow, so the Mocha Advance can perform exceptionally well in warmer weather. The super-soft texture of the fabric goes even further to enhance the wearer’s comfort.

The Mocha Advance is fully breathable with high wicking ability, removing excess moisture from your body and allowing perspiration to escape, thereby keeping you dry and comfortable.


  • Short collar
  • Zip at neck for ventilation
  • Loose fit or down size for a close fit
  • Quick dry
  • Lightweight and packable
  • Fabric: New Zetland 10 Micro