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Jack Pyke Field Smock

Colour: English Oak, Size: XXL

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Jack Pyke Field Smock

The Jack Pyke Field Smock is ideal countryside wear when you want to be concealed whilst out hunting,

The Jack Pyke Field Smock is lightweight, insulated and waterproof while maintaining breathability but it is also silent so wildlife in the locality will not be disturbed any more than necessary. In addition, it is printed in the effective English Oak camouflage.

The smock features four large boxed pockets as well as an internal chest pocket. For a good and comfortable fit, there is a drawcord for the waist and another for the hood.


  • 100% ripstop cotton (97% cotton, 3% nylon)
  • Four large boxed pockets
  • Arm pocket
  • Internal chest pocket
  • Waist drawcord
  • Hood drawcord
  • 95 pattern buttons
  • Rank slide holder


  • S, M, L, XL, XXL