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Casio Protrek Compass Watch Prg-50l-2ver

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Casio Protrek Compass Watch Prg-50l-2ver

Casio Pro Trek Triple Sensor Functions

  • Full Auto EL Backlight - Automatically deactivates the auto electro-luminescent backlight function when surrounding light is sufficient and activates it under dim light or dark conditions.
  • Compass - A built-in direction sensor detects magnetic north.
  • Altitude Measurement - A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is converted to relative altitude.
  • Barometic Pressure Measurement - A built-in pressure sensor measures barometric pressure, which is shown on the display.
  • Temperature Measurement - A built-in temperature sensor measures the temperature.
  • Solar Power - A solar cell provides power for operation.
  • Duplex LCD - Two liquid crystal panels make it possible to select from among different display patterns.
  • Daily Alarm - The daily alarm sounds each day at the time you set. The value indicates how many daily alarms are available.
  • Hourly Time Signal - The hourly time signal causes the watch to beep every hour on the hour.
  • Battery-Level Indicator - Indicator shows the current battery level.
  • Full Auto Calendar - Allowances are made automatically for months of different lengths in case date corrections for leap years are required.
  • 12/24-h Timekeeping - Times can be displayed in either a 12-h or 24-h format.
  • Low-Temperature Resistance - The timekeeping module is designed for operation at very low temperatures. The value indicates the lowest temperature at which the module will operate. *-10°C resistance does not apply to the direction sensor.
  • Mineral Glass - Hard glass resists scratching.
  • Spherical Glass - The surface of the glass is rounded.
  • Leather Band
  • Water Resistance - The m value indicates the number of depth metres to which water resistance is ensured. 100m means water resistance to 10 atmospheres.