Web-tex Shemagh
Colour: Sand, Size: Universal
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Web-tex Shemagh

The Bushcraft Shemagh is a form of headwear that is made of cotton and that has tassels decorating the edge.

A shemagh is a traditional Arab headdress that is a form of scarf made from a square of material.

The shemagh is very versatile and in its natural environment it would be used to provide protection against exposure to the sun as well as protection against blown dust and sand.

This Bushcraft Shemagh will of course perform those duties in temperate climates but it will also prove very useful as a scarf when there is a cold wind blowing.

There are a range of colour combinations to choose from with the patterns echoing traditional forms of decoration harking back to the roots of the shemagh.


  • 43 x 46 inches


  • Red/White
  • Black/White
  • Green/Black
  • Sand/Black

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