Baltic Hamble 50N Flotation Jacket

Colour: Black

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Let us present the new generation of flotation clothing.

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Baltic Hamble 50N Flotation Jacket

Let us present the new generation of flotation clothing. Windproof flotation jacket in comfortable materials. Narrow floating elements in combination with cuffed sleeves in softshell material provide a flexible jacket with a good fit and 50N buoyancy. Four external pockets with water-repellent zippers. Detachable crotch strap included. All products in Baltic's range of flotation clothing are tested and approved according to the 50N standard which means that they keep the user afloat by a good margin. Suitable for people who can swim.


  • Buoyancy 50 Newton: The buoyancy of a lifejacket is measured in the Newton unit. A lifejacket must have sufficient buoyancy to keep the user's airways above the surface. The vests are divided into different classes depending on the amount of buoyancy, though the actual Newton's number may vary depending on the size of the vest.
  • Crutch strap included: Product equipped with detachable crutch strap.
  • 2 year guarantee: Product with 2 year guarantee.