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Amazonas Gigante XXL Hammock

Colour: Lava

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The amazing Amazonas Gigante XXL Hammock is probably the largest hammock in the world!

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Amazonas Gigante XXL Hammock

The amazing Amazonas Gigante XXL Hammock is probably the largest hammock in the world!

The Gigante even amazes the Brazilians, as Amazonas have utilized approximately 6000 cotton threads to make 6 square metres – yes that’s correct - of luxuriously woven hammock material.

Astonishingly, over 30 metres of especially thick braided cords provide support for the broad spread of the huge lounging surface of the Gigante XXL.

The Amazonas Gigante XXL Hammock is the perfect connection between two hanging points, ideal for several people to comfortably lie in. Chat, snooze, laugh, the Gigante is great for families and friends simply because it really is gigantic!

With Brazilian hammocks like Amazonas hammocks, the wider they are, the more comfortable they are. They should be hung about 1.8 metres from the ground to the highest points of the hammock at each end. You should lie diagonally in a Brazilian hammock so that your back remains straight.

  • Lying surface: Approx. 300 x 200 cm
  • Total length: Approx. 450 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 3.3 kg
  • Load capacity: Max. 280 kg

Please note: Because of its size, Gigante is not compatible with Amazonas stands.

Please note: hammock fixing kits and stands sold separately.

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