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Amazonas Silk Traveller Hammock

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The fantastic Amazonas Silk Traveller Hammock is the hammock made of parachute silk!

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Amazonas Silk Traveller Hammock

The fantastic Amazonas Silk Traveller Hammock is the hammock made of parachute silk!

Ultra-cool and ultra-light, the Silk Traveller’s high-performance system is not only exceptionally hard-wearing and durable, but also surprisingly soft, lovely on the skin and very, very breathable.

The brilliantly talented designers at Amazonas have created an especially large hammock with an extra number of hanging chords: this means that the Silk Traveller can be completely opened up and is so comfortable that it is suitable for all situations, not just for travelling.

Indeed, whenever and wherever you are, you can be sure to feel comfortable and elegant in this amazing Silk Traveller Hammock!

With Brazilian hammocks like Amazonas hammocks, the wider they are, the more comfortable they are. They should be hung about 1.8 metres from the ground to the highest points of the hammock at each end. You should lie diagonally in a Brazilian hammock so that your back remains straight.

  • Lying surface: Approx. 220 x 140 cm
  • Total length: Approx. 350 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 0.35 kg
  • Load capacity: Approx. 100 kg

Please note: hammock fixing kits and stands sold separately.

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