Tilley TP100 Polaris Hat

Colour: Royal Navy

  • 63.66 - 69.29
  • Retail price: 80.00

3XDRY® Bio is a PFC (perfluorocarbon)-free finishing technology that is based on renewable resources.

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Tilley TP100 Polaris Hat

3XDRY® Bio is a PFC (perfluorocarbon)-free finishing technology that is based on renewable resources. Mimicking the protective plant cuticle that repels morning dew drops and heavy rain, the 3XDRY® Bio outer surface fends off water and dirt so effectively that they simply run off the surface of the fabric, while the interior absorbs moisture and wicks it away. As a result, fabrics with 3XDRY® Bio are incredibly quick to dry.

Certified UPF 50+

Material is tested and certified to ensure the maximum sun protection rating.


Fabric is treated with a Durable Water Repellent finish.


Mesh, grommets, vents and/or breathable fabric to keep wearer cool and comfortable.


Foam in crown and/or brim to keep your hat above water.


The hat weighs 4oz or less.


  • Stowaway sun shield offers maximum protection for your neck and shoulders
  • Sunglasses can be stored at back crown with Velcro® tab to keep them handy when not in use
  • Tilley deboss moisture wicking, cooling elastic sweatband that will keep you dry and comfortable
  • Reflective wind cord and Tilley embossed logo tab will be seen in low light situations
  • Thick foam in the brim to resist brim flapping in high winds - and the hat will float!
  • Loop at back under brim to easily “tie on” with a carabiner to your belt loop or bag
  • Classic Tilley wind cord system to keep the hat on your head in high winds and rough waters
  • Secret pocket to store your boating license or other valuables