Swimovate PoolMateSport Swim Training Watch

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Modern design, large display, sync data to iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.

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Swimovate PoolMateSport Swim Training Watch

Modern design, large display, sync data to iPhone, Android, PC and Mac.

Our latest model has a ultra flexible two-tone strap for comfort and a large display for clarity. It's a modern sleek watch new for 2019.

Syncs to iPhone, Android, PC or Mac

NFC (aka Near Field Communications) is already used for contactless payment systems and is included in the vast majority of smartphones. As well as payment details, NFC can be used to transfer other data. We have included NFC in the PoolMateSport and developed iPhone and Android apps so you can sync and view your swim data. Data can be synced by briefly holding the watch to the device. No pairing needed.

If you don't have a suitable smartphone, the package includes a download clip that plugs into your USB port. The watch will transfer the data to your computer and you can easily track your progress on screen with our software application.

The watch will count and display

  • Laps
  • Average strokes
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Time
  • Calories
  • Efficiency

Note- When data is synced via smartphone the PoolMateSport shows data from each set you swim and a summary of data from a swim. If you want lap by lap details you need to sync by computer.

Open Water

A simple calibration lap is all that's required to set up the special open water mode, which uses the in- built accelerometer to work out the swim metrics. Using this method rather than GPS, which takes a lot of power and has difficulties operating in water, means the PoolMateSport has a battery life of around a year.

How do we do it?

The open water mode is a swim pedometer. Swim a lap of a known distance first and follow the calibration instructions then the watch will use this information for subsequent open water swims. Recalibrate regularly for best results.


  • In the pool: laps – strokes – distance – speed – efficiency – duration – sets – rest time – calories
  • In open water: strokes – distance – speed – efficiency – duration – sets – rest time – calories
  • Out of the water: 99 set chrono mode for timing
  • Download clip, works on PC and Mac
  • NFC link to iPhone (7 and above) and Android.
  • Works with all major strokes straight out of the box, no calibration required
  • Stores over 50 sessions for recall, records individual sets and total session data
  • Pools over 18m (yards too), Chrono mode for other sports, Open water
  • Water resistant to 50m, 24 hour clock and alarm
  • Battery life around 12 months CR2032
  • Weight 48g
  • Diameter of face 46mm
  • Strap fits wrists from 14.5 to 21.5cm
  • 12 month guarantee