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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Stealth GPS Multisport Watch

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Robust multisport GPS watch with wrist heart rate and barometric altitude.

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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Stealth GPS Multisport Watch

Robust multisport GPS watch with wrist heart rate and barometric altitude.

The GPS watch for athletic and adventure multisport

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro is a multisport GPS watch for active outdoor athletes. Compass & barometric altitude with FusedAlti ensure you stay on course. The durable colour touch screen, 100m water resistance and practical wrist HR measurement make Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro your ideal training and racing partner for running, cycling and outdoor sports.

Product highlights:

  • Battery life 10h in training mode (up to 40h with power saving options)
  • Convenient wrist HR measurement
  • GPS/GLONASS route navigation
  • Steel bezel, mineral crystal glass, 100 m water resistance
  • Sport expertise and support for over 80 sports with racing and interval use
  • Training insights and community powered tools in Suunto Movescount

Colour touch screen optimized for outdoor use

Suunto Spartan watches use a state-of-the-art colour touch screen with a wide viewing angle that offers great visibility outdoors, even in direct sunlight. The touch screen is optimized to withstand disturbances from the environment, and it can be locked fully if needed. During exercise, the watches can be operated using the three buttons.

Flexible battery life

The battery life of your Suunto Spartan watch is designed to flex according to your needs. If you are headed out on a multi-day race, there are lots of ways to make your watch go the distance.

The first thing to look at is GPS accuracy, where you have three options: Best, Good and OK. Best gives you the most accurate track, but consumes the most power. Dial it down to Good for more battery life with a decent compromise on track accuracy. If you really need to push the battery, go with OK. The fix rate drops from 1 second to 1 minute, but you get in return 60+ hours of battery life.

On top of that, you can extend your battery life by lowering backlight brightness or turning off vibration alerts, for example. Further tweak your watch with sport mode power saving options such as display colour to reach as much as 140 hours of battery life with GPS!

Adventure features

Suunto Spartan watches provide rich route navigation and an electronic compass to guide you through new terrain. When navigating a route, you can see the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and remaining distance to destination. Additionally, a clear on-screen notification is displayed when nearing a pre-defined Point of Interest.

If you are navigating a route that has altitude information, you can locate yourself on the route altitude profile in real time to see your ascent gain, remaining ascent and how many hills you have left on your route. Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro offers barometric altitude with FusedAlti™, resulting in even more accurate altitude data.

Unrivalled durability

Suunto Spartan Sport features a racing-inspired sleek design, enhanced with mineral crystal glass and stainless steel bezel. Spartan Sport watches are water resistant to 100 m (300 ft) and hand-built in Finland.

From interval running to ski touring

With 80 sport modes pre-installed in the watch, Suunto Spartan watches are ready to go for nearly any kind of activity right out of the box. Sport-specific displays for sports like running, cycling, swimming, triathlon and various outdoor sports, such as hiking or ski touring, give you accurate feedback and metrics relevant to your sport.

Spartan watches also support interval training. Define your interval set on watch and get on-screen guidance with vibration alerts during the workout. Review your session with lap tables and detailed workout metrics afterwards.

Accurate sport metrics

Suunto Spartan watches accurately measure for example your pace, speed, distance, altitude, heart rate and calories, and provide support for running and cycling power and cadence (requires external power or bike sensors). Naturally, Suunto Spartan comes with swimming specific functions such as swimming pace, stroke count and SWOLF.

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR measures heart rate conveniently from your wrist with optical LED sensors. To ensure best possible reading, the watch needs to be snugly tightened and worn a little higher up on your arm than a normal watch.

Customizable sport modes

You can create and customize sport modes, and customize or remove displays on your Suunto Spartan watch via Suunto Movescount. You can sync up to 19 new custom modes on your Spartan at a time. Each activity type (i.e. trail running) can have several different custom modes, including seven fields of data per display. Customizable sport modes enable flexible use of metrics like altitude, PTE and editing the pool length.

Training insights

Training insights in the watch and on Suunto Movescount let you follow your training load, rest & recovery and progress, and help you plan your next training. The watch monitors your activity 24/7, providing daily and weekly activity summaries along with training history.

To follow your progress, Suunto Spartan watches keep you up-to-date on your personal bests by sport. Personal bests can be based on duration, altitude and cycling power - like fastest 5 km run or highest 20 min cycling power.

Suunto Movescount offers you a full set of tools and analyses for more in-depth information on your training load, progress, rest and recovery or creating training plans.

24/7 activity tracking

In addition to tracking heart rate during exercise, the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR watch enables you to follow your activity throughout the day. The daily heart rate functionality tracks your heart rate, and together with steps taken, provides more accurate data about your daily activity levels and calorie consumption on a 12-hour graph. The daily heart rate screen also displays your minimum (rest) heart rate, making it easier to monitor recovery.

Progress with peer group comparisons

Compare your annual and all-time personal bests with those of your peer group to see how good you are. For example, you can compare your open water swimming 1900 m personal best to see if you rank in the top 20% of your peer group, and how much faster you need to be to reach the top 10%.

Suunto Movescount provides real facts on what type of training others, for example, in your age group have done to reach their targets. Compare your own performance to those training towards a similar goal, such as a sub 4-hour marathon, and get real data on how other people are preparing.

Peer-to-peer coaching

You have an opportunity to invite your coach to access your Suunto Movescount training diary, to see all your training history and insights. Based on this information, the coach can give you online advice and create training plans for you to use and download to your watch. Connect online on Suunto Movescount and get started.

Discover new routes with heatmaps

Use heatmaps on Suunto Movescount and Suunto Movescount App to find the most popular places to run, ride, swim, ski and more. Heatmaps for more than 15 sports reveal the tracks frequently used by the Suunto Movescount community all over the globe, based on millions of Moves.

You can plan your own routes on Suunto Movescount with the help of rich, topographic maps. Trace a heatmap, or go your own way. Connect to your compatible Suunto sports watch and navigate the route with your watch.


  • Weight 74 g (2.61 oz)
  • Bezel material: Stainless steel
  • Glass material: Mineral crystal
  • Case material: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Strap material: Silicone

Racing proof

  • 100m / 300ft water resistant
  • Battery life 10h with Full Power 1sec GPS fix rate delivering best GPS accuracy
  • Battery life up to 40h with Power Save Options
  • Outdoor-grade colour touch screen with 3 action pushers
  • GPS/GLONASS tracking and route navigation:
  • With real-time breadcrumb trail
  • With route and Point of Interest navigation and ETA
  • GPS altitude for measuring ascent and descent values during workout
  • FusedAlti™ combining GPS and barometric altitude for more precise altitude information
  • Digital tilt compensated compass
  • Storm alarm
  • Sunrise/sunset times

Sports expertise

  • Heart rate measured from wrist for best possible convenience
  • Compatible with Suunto Smart Sensor heart rate belt
  • Support for over 80 sports with racing and interval modes
  • Triathlon and multisport mode
  • Interval training setup on watch
  • Running:
  • Real-time lap tables with pace and heart rate, FusedSpeed™ for accurate pace
  • Compatibility with Stryd running power
  • Cycling:
  • Real-time lap tables with heart rate, power and speed
  • Compatibility with Suunto Bike Sensor and BLE power meters
  • Swimming:
  • Automatic intervals in pool
  • Heart rate with memory (optional)

Training insights

  • Training load:
  • 30-day training summary on the watch
  • Long term analysis with training load trends, PTEs and HR zones in Suunto Movescount
  • Rest & Recovery:
  • Save feeling after workout in-watch
  • Long-term feeling trend on Suunto Movescount
  • Sleep duration and average heart rate during the night
  • Progress:
  • Personal best recognition and long term follow up in Suunto Movescount
  • Annual / all-time personal best comparison with own age group in Suunto Movescount
  • Personal best trend by sport and intensity in Suunto Movescount
  • Long-term progress analysis in Suunto Movescount
  • Plan ahead:
  • Weekly planning tools for yourself and your coach in Suunto Movescount

Community powered

  • Community training insights from peer groups in Suunto Movescount
  • Peer-to-peer coaching tools in Suunto Movescount
  • Discover new routes with heatmaps and plan your own routes in Suunto Movescount, transfer to watch and navigate

Daily use and connectivity

  • Customizable watch faces
  • Wrist heart rate assisted 24/7 activity monitoring with steps and calories
  • Instant heart rate graph and calorie burn rate
  • Follow your rest heart rate
  • View of steps and calories from last seven days / 30 days in Suunto Movescount
  • Mobile sync with Suunto Movescount App for iOS and Android, push notifications to watch
  • Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH (Chinese language is only available in the China edition watches.)

Enrich, relive and share

  • Use Suunto Movescount App to take photos or to create a Suunto Movie of your Move with 3D map, key metrics and images
  • Share your experience instantly to your social media networks and follow your friends via Suunto Movescount activity feed

What's in the box?

  • Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Watch
  • USB cable
  • Quick Guide
  • Warranty Leaflet

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