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Suunto Core All Black Military Watch

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Suunto Core All Black Military Watch

The Suunto Core All Black Military Watch is the ultimate outdoors ABC stealth watch for all military, covert or discreet use or simply to have a stunning completely black watch on your wrist - and this is the special version complete with its higher-spec extra-strong lug-attached black strap with dual keepers.

And the effect is distinctive and superbly effective.

This Suunto Core All Black Military Watch features the watch unit of the Core All Black Watch with its tactical low-impact subdued white display on a black face combined with the robust black rubber strap with twin keepers from the Core Alu Deep Black Watch featuring the much-admired military-style lugs connecting the strap to the watch casing.

The Suunto Core All Black Military Watch boasts all the qualities that have made the Core the pre-eminent outdoors Altimeter, Barometer and Compass watch over recent years.

The white-on-black Core face improves readability in low light conditions and all components including the function buttons are matt black, giving this Core All Black Military a unity of appearance in keeping with its practical abilities.

Suunto Time Display Suunto Altimeter Display Suunto Compass Display Suunto Barometer Display Suunto Depth Display

The Suunto Core has stunning levels of accuracy across a wide spectrum of functions with its large 50-mm face giving you a great view of your key data and, informing this display, the Core has an impressive array of features from altimeter, barometer and compass to depth meter and from sunrise and sunset times and to a range of alarms.

When the Suunto Core senses an approaching squall, it will tell you with the storm alarm, one of several intelligent features that can help you make consistently good choices when they need to be the right decisions.

The Suunto Core All Black Military Watch keeps you informed with an accurate altimeter, barometer, digital thermometer, weather-trend indicator and digital compass.

The Suunto Core pressure gauge operates in four distinct modes including an automatic setting that senses your movement or lack of it, switching between altimeter and barometer accordingly. The compass features a rotating bezel for traditional use and a one-touch function that allows you to sight, lock on to and follow a bearing. Daily functions include dual time, date, alarm, sports chronograph and predicted times for sunrise and sunset.


Accurate to 30,000 feet, the Suunto Core altimeter is a valuable tool for mountaineering, back-country skiing and wilderness travel. It displays your current elevation, shows how far you’ve climbed or descended and records your entire session for later analysis.

If you’re on or near an obvious feature (like a ridge, trail or creek), you can use your current elevation to find your position on a topographic map. If you plan on climbing a slope to a certain elevation and then traversing, an altimeter is an ideal tool for staying on course.

You can also use elevation to gauge your progress. The Suunto Core displays elevation gained and lost between a given point (a trailhead or belay station) and your current position.

Simplifying altimeter use, the Suunto Core includes a unique start-from-zero function that eliminates the need for entering a reference altitude. With a single push of a button, the altimeter will begin tracking your ascent and descent.


The Suunto Core barometer measures and records air pressure to help you predict changing conditions, from sunny skies to hair-bending electrical storms.

When you’re hiking in a canyon or dense forest without views of the horizon, a barometer can 'see' into the distance, keeping you posted of changes in air pressure that can lead to bad weather. Even at home, the Suunto Core barometer looks beyond office walls, skyscrapers and nearby hills to help you plan ahead for upcoming ventures.

Auto Altimeter/Barometer

An altimeter measures air pressure to determine altitude while a barometer measures air pressure to determine barometric pressure. If you leave your watch in altimeter mode while hanging out at camp, an incoming low-pressure front will read as a gain in altitude. Thus, it’s important to choose the right mode for your activity: altimeter for climbing and barometer for hanging out at camp. The Suunto Core makes it easy to manually choose the proper mode for your activity.

The Suunto Core also features an automatic altimeter/barometer mode that senses movement or the lack of it, switching between altimeter and barometer accordingly. When you’re climbing, it records changes in elevation. And when you stop to rest, it records changes in barometric pressure. A drop in air pressure while you’re sleeping under the stars will be recorded for what it really is – a change in barometric pressure, not altitude.

Weather-Trend Indicator

The weather-trend indicator shows the barometric history for the last 3 and 6 hours, helping you predict the weather with amazing accuracy. What’s more, it’s not a regional forecast posted earlier in the day but the current information about the weather directly overhead, whether you’re hiking, biking or enjoying a cup of tea with the morning paper.

Storm Alarm

The Suunto storm alarm is activated by a rapid drop in air pressure over a 3-hour period. The storm alarm sounds and flashes, letting you know that some unpleasant weather is fast approaching.


The digital compass of the Suunto Core is a great tool for keeping track of direction while skiing, hiking or exploring a new city. You can set and follow a bearing with a traditional rotating bezel or simply point the top of the watch toward your intended destination and lock it in.


Maximise your daylight hours and never miss another alpen glow photo opportunity with daily sunrise and sunset times on the Suunto Core. Just set your continent, region and city and you’ll always know how much daylight remains for safe climbing, skiing and off-trail travel.

Depth Meter

Head into the surf and the Suunto Core All Black Military Watch shifts from air pressure to water pressure, providing water resistance to 30 metres (100 ft) and accurate depth readings to 10 metres (30 ft) with underwater-useable buttons.

The Suunto Core communicates in English but also in French, German and Spanish.

Core Dimensions: Width 50 mm, Depth 14 mm, Weight 64 grams

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