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Snugpak Hammock Cocoon

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A novel solution to the problem of sleeping bag and clothing insulation compressing under the tension from the hammock.

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Snugpak Hammock Cocoon

A novel solution to the problem of sleeping bag and clothing insulation compressing under the tension from the hammock. This insulating layer fully encases the hammock (rather like a giant banana skin) trapping warm air both within the hammock, but also in its generous layer of insulation. The full length zip allows easy access in and out of your. Due to the versatility of the hammock insulation systems, the wide variety of applications and variations in camp set up it is difficult to establish an overall comfort temperature for these items. As a general reference the insulation used is Travelsoft with the similar fill weights to our two season sleeping bags. We would strongly recommend you experiment with your own set up and gradually build up to more extreme temperatures until you are confident of the overall thermal performance.

Set-up note

It is very important before you use the hammock insulation system that you check the tension by lightly pressing down. The hammock cocoon is not designed to be load bearing. Your hammock should take your weight, not the cocoon.


  • Weight: 1950g
  • Compression Stuff Sack: Help reduce volume to give you extra space when travelling.
  • Antibacterial: Discourages the growth of bacteria which also results in a reduction of odours.
  • Full length zip (allowing easy access in and out)
  • Fits most hammocks
  • Complete with Compression Stuff Sack
  • The Travelsoft filling has great insulating properties, trapping heat and maximizing comfort
  • Made with Micro Diamond fabric with a Paratex antibacterial treatment.
  • Designed to keep you warm and comfortable (when clothing and sleeping bags are crushed against your hammock)
  • Dimensions: 300cm x 86cm / 118 x 34 inches
  • Packsize: 29cm x 24cm

Outer Fabric (100% Polyester)

Micro diamond provides a lightweight, water repellent casing, produced to Snugpak’s exact specification. The mini diamond weave and the lustre of the yarn give a unique look and handle to this bag.

Inner Fabric (100% Polyester)

The latest breakthrough in antibacterial technology this specialist antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment on the outer and linings of all the Travelpak range acts to discourage the growth of bacteria.

Insulation (100% Polyester)

Travelsoft insulation is tailored to Snugpak's exact brief. Ultra lightweight high loft fine fibres are used which have excellent compressibility.