NaviSafe Bendable Suction Mount

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NaviSafe Bendable Suction Mount

The NaviSafe 360° Bendable Suction Mount is a member of a range of devices that have been produced to extend the number of ways the NaviSafe Navi 360° 2NM Light and the NaviSafe Navi Tricolour Light White/Red/Green can be attached to as many parts of a boat as possible to help you make the most of them.

NaviSafe products and accessories are designed to provide quality, flexibility, ease of operation and cost effectiveness.

The NaviSafe 360° Bendable Suction Mount features a secure suction cup base and a quick-release suction cap. It can be positioned exactly to suit your precise requirements as it bends through a full 180°.

A standard attachment that accepts either version of the Navi Light unit.


  • Secure suction cup base
  • Quick-release suction cap
  • Bendable through 180°
  • Standard attachment for Navi Light 360° and Navi Light White/Red/Green units