Mammal Victoria OC Womens Winter Boots

Colour: Black

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  • Retail price: 99.95

Victoria is our new kid on the block.

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Mammal Victoria OC Womens Winter Boots

Victoria is our new kid on the block. Whether you are looking for après ski chic, or you want to keep your feet warm, dry and sturdy on long woodland walks, she is the perfect partner for autumn and winter days. A soft faux fur trim and fleece lining makes this boot feel as comfortable as it looks. The Raintex water resistant membrane is ideal for the unpredictable weather, both here in the UK or at the resort. This easy to wear ankle height boot includes sturdy laces to give a snug fit. Finally, the trademark OC System with retractable ice grip integrated into the sole will keep you securely on terra-firma.


  • Ankle height boot with a faux fur trim
  • Sturdy laces
  • Raintex water resistant membrane and full fleece lining
  • The innovative OCsystem®, versatile non-slip technology that helps you to maintain excellent traction on icy and slippery surfaces, making them the ultimate all-round winter footwear