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Loki Tak Light Shell Men's Jacket

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Loki Tak Light Shell Men's Jacket

Loki Tak Light Shell Men's Jacket

The Loki Tak Light Shell Men's Jacket is sensational, a high-performance and innovative mountain jacket with integral mittens and hood.

Ever been out on what started out as a cool morning but turned into a warm day? Where do you put your jacket when it's too hot to wear? The LOKI® N-Pac system is designed to convert your outerwear into a convenient back-pack complete with plenty of room to store other gear.

By wearing the Tak Light Shell Jacket, you will never again experience those moments where you think "damn if only I had my gloves and scarf".


  • Weight: 19 oz (539 g)
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Seam sealed
  • Loki Mitt
  • Adjustable Loki face shield
  • Loki N_pac
  • 2-way underarm vents
  • Fully adjustable roll down hood
  • Pack friendly hand pockets
  • Dual hem cinches
  • Articulated sleeves

Loki Mitt™

  1. Pull sleeve over hand & insert thumb into the thumb slot.
  2. Squeeze thumb to fingers making a ring.
  3. Pull the mitt cover from the wrist of the sleeve to the back of your hand forming the Loki Mitt™

Loki Mitt™ benefits: Never Forget, Never Lose, Never Drop. Shares the heat from your body with your hand

Face Shield™

  1. Grab the Face Shield™ inside the back of the hood.
  2. Pull the Face Shield™ over your head.
  3. Pull the hood up for full coverage.

Face Shield™ Benefits: Warmer, Faster, Safer. Forms a complete heat seal around your neck keeping your body heat locked in.

N_pac™ (found on select light weight Loki Jackets)

  1. Open the zipper on the back of your jacket and turn the lumbar pocket inside out to form the N_pac.

N_pac™ Benefits: Additional cargo space in the lumbar pocket. Converts to a pack with extra storage for key items. Rides on your shoulders and not around your waist.