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Loki Morf Pullover Hoodie

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Loki Morf Pullover Hoodie

Loki Morf Pullover Hoodie

The Loki Morf Pullover Hoodie is probably the coolest hoodie ever made.

With the built-in Face Shield™ and LOKI Mitts™, the Morf offers versatility simplified.

The Morf is exactly what you should pull on after trail riding, surfing, skiing, climbing or any other strenuous activity.

In fact it's also perfect for non strenuous activities too, namely hitting the pub. The integral mitts are ideal for pulling out to warm your hands when the temperature drops on that seemingly long walk home.

With a MP3 port built in to the Morf you can listen to your tunes without fear of getting tangled up in wires.

With the Morf you will be laughing when it gets cold because your gloves and scarf are right where you need them.


  • Weight: 22 oz (624 g)
  • Loki Mitt
  • Loki Face Shield
  • Stealth chest pocket with MP3 port
  • Pouch hand pocket
  • Embroidered logo
  • Casual fit

Loki Mitt™

  1. Pull sleeve over hand & insert thumb into the thumb slot.
  2. Squeeze thumb to fingers making a ring.
  3. Pull the mitt cover from the wrist of the sleeve to the back of your hand forming the Loki Mitt™
Loki Mitt™ Benefits: Never Forget, Never Lose, Never Drop. Shares the heat from your body with your hand

Face Shield™

  1. Grab the Face Shield™ inside the back of the hood.
  2. Pull the Face Shield™ over your head.
  3. Pull the hood up for full coverage.

Face Shield™ Benefits: Warmer, Faster, Safer. Forms a complete heat seal around your neck keeping your body heat locked in.