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HJ Hall ProTrek Multi Trek Bamboo Socks

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HJ Hall ProTrek Multi Trek Bamboo Socks

HJ Hall ProTrek Multi Trek Bamboo Socks HJ 839 feature 81% bamboo in their material and this bamboo is excellent at absorbing moisture such as perspiration so that it can be wicked away from the surface of the skin of your feet for increased comfort and hygiene, which is especially valuable during more strenuous expeditions.

Further comfort is also provided in a series of other ways with these impressive socks. For example, The top of the socks features a soft, elasticated grip which will not feel restrictive around the calf and at the other end, the comfort toe seem has smoother seams to avoid the risk of causing a rubbing sore. Elastication is used in the arch to provide added support and to help keep the sock properly positioned.

And full loop pile cushioning encloses the feet for additional shock protection from the ground and padding between the feet and the boots as well as providing added thermal properties.

HJ Hall’s extensive experience and research has identified that, for performance socks, the key features are heat retention and moisture dissipation. Each member of the ProTrek range has been tested and all have a rating showing how they perform at keeping in body heat, ensuring that your feet remain comfortably warm regardless of the outdoor environment. The higher the rating, the greater the heat retained. All ProTrek socks have one of a number of methods of wicking moisture away from the feet.


  • Bamboo-rich sustainable yarn is naturally anti-bacterial with wicking properties
  • Comfort top has soft, elasticated welt grip
  • Comfort toe seams for non-irritating smoother toe seams for all-day comfort
  • Full loop pile cushioned foot encompasses foot for shock protection with added thermal properties
  • Arch support is elasticated to keep sock in place and support foot arch
  • True sizing: Each size spans maximum of 2.5 shoe sizes giving accurate fitting for more comfort
  • Made in Britain in Hinckley, Leicestershire
  • Material: 81% bamboo, 14% Polyamide, 5% Elastane
  • Heat retention rating: 2.0 (highest ProTrek rating: 9.5)