Camp like a pro!

1. Choose the right tent for you

  • Family - how about a tunnel tent? Plenty of room and perfect for a longer trip
  • Adventure - pop on your back and hit the trails with a lightweight backpack tent.
  • Easy - try an inflatable tent, no need for tent poles so reduces that pitching time.

Tip - put the tent up in the garden and test it out before you go.

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2. What's cooking?

  • Invest in a great coolbox - some even keep your food cool for days.
  • Collapsible pots and pans - perfect solution when you're limited on storage.
  • Prep in advance - plan and prep your meals before you get to the campsite to make sure you've got all the right equipment you need with you.
  • Take a water carrier - you'll need plenty of water on tap for cooking so make your life easier and bring one along.
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Cooking on a campfire

Nothing beats being huddled round a campfire and listening to the sound of crackling wood. Who wouldn't want to whip a tasty meal for everyone over the fire? Follow these simple tips to turn your campfire into a camp kitchen:

  • Build your fire in a safe place
  • Make sure you have all the equipment you need to hand
  • Choose which way you want to cook - griddle, grill, skewer or even directly in the fire (such as baked potatoes in foil).
  • Put out, clean up and secure your site

3. Time for bed

We all know it can get a little chilly in the UK at night so invest in a comfy sleeping solution - we recommend a self inflating mat and a 3 season sleeping bag just in case.

Don't forget those torches!

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4. Be prepared!

First Aid kit, headtorch, and plenty of layers to keep you warm.

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