Our Story

Snugpak are based in a listed mill built in the 1800's on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

We are very proud to be one of the last manufacturers of quality sleeping bags and insulated clothing not only in the UK but across Europe.

We have a dedicated workforce at our West Yorkshire factory in the North of England who are trained to use state of the art machinery and traditional sewing techniques to bring our ideas to life.

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Sleeping Bag Guide

Kit You Can Depend On
Basecamp Range

Basecamp Range

Ideal for Famliy Camping

Perfect for those camping holidays when your Basecamp is your car or tent, and you dont need to carry your sleeping system in a pack. Superb warmth to weight ratios.

Temperature ratings in this category range from 3°C to -17°C.

Softie Expansion Range<

Softie Expansion Range

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts

The Softie Expansion range is an introduction to the premier sleeping bags. Using technical materials and Softie® insulation, this range is perfect for backpacking, extended camping and guided expeditions.

Temperature ratings in this category range from 7°C to -20°C.

TravelPak Range

TravelPak Range

Ideal for lightweight travel

Lightweight and easily stowable, the Travelpak range is designed for the overseas traveller where space and weight are at a premium, wherever your destination might be.

Temperature ratings in this category range from 7°C to -10°C.

Softie Range

Softie® Range

Ideal for Professionals

The flagship Snugpak sleeping bag range, with our revolutionary Softie® Premier filling; designed for extreme venture and expedition use, in all seasons and weather conditions.

Temperature ratings in this category range from 5°C to -50°C.

How To Pack A Sleeping Bag

Kit You Can Depend On

73.82 - 96.52
In Stock
Snugpak Sleeka Original Jacket

36.24 - 61.91
In Stock
Snugpak Snugfeet Insulated Tent Boots

108.01 - 129.01
In Stock
Snugpak New Softie SJ9 Insulated Jacket

78.50 - 102.96
In Stock
Snugpak Sleeka Insulated Salopettes

118.80 - 123.72
In Stock
Snugpak Torrent Insulated Jacket

104.02 - 125.02
In Stock
Snugpak Sasquatch Jacket

138.72 - 156.80
In Stock
Snugpak SJ12 Yeti Insulated Jacket

6.79 - 7.46
In Stock
Snugpak Military Boot Socks

91.96 - 118.01
In Stock
Snugpak New Softie SJ6 Insulated Jacket

30.50 - 33.72
In Stock
Snugpak Enhanced Patrol Poncho

65.94 - 80.56
In Stock
Snugpak Sleeka Elite Reversible Jacket

84.90 - 94.96
In Stock
Snugpak Venture Pile Shirt

30.01 - 34.80
In Stock
Snugpak Insulated Poncho Liner

21.96 - 25.96
In Stock
Snugpak Snug Nut Sleeping Hat

67.46 - 87.01
In Stock
Snugpak SV3 Softie Vest

74.96 - 90.96
In Stock
Snugpak Vapour Active Soft Shell Jacket

106.96 - 122.96
In Stock
Snugpak Ebony Insulated Jacket

19.80 - 21.00
In Stock
Snugpak Unisex Impact Fleece Shirt

8.54 - 9.00
In Stock
Snugpak Logo Cotton T-Shirt

In Stock
Snugpak Sleeka Elite Jacket