Our gear provides high-performance and top-tier technology to help you reach new heights and new personal bests. But it’s also to enable fun. We try to bring a sense of pleasure and play to active outdoor adventures whenever possible. Because the whole point in life is to enjoy it. Do what you love, and do it often with your Merrell gear. It’s made to last.

Nova & Antora 2

Featuring sneaker-like comfort, hiker-like durability, and gender-specific fit the Nova & Antora 2 are made to go where sneakers can’t.

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57.00 - 59.56
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Merrell Kahuna III Womens Sandals
56.64 - 69.53
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Merrell Kahuna III Mens Sandals
40.14 - 49.49
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Merrell Moab Drift 2 Mens Strap Sandals
46.82 - 53.89
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Merrell Womens Terran 3 Cush Lattice Sandals
46.99 - 63.65
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Merrell Womens Terran 3 Cush Cross Sandals
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Merrell Terran Cross II Womens Sandals
24.99 - 30.53
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Merrell Kids Panther Sandals 2.0
43.58 - 60.61
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Merrell Siren 2 Strap Womens Sandals
33.98 - 43.90
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Merrell Womens District Mendi Backstrap Sandals
27.93 - 28.41
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Merrell Kids Kahuna Web Sandals