The Wondawedge Inflatable Lounger

Currently mesmerising and amazing all throughout the OutdoorGB office is this....
 No, no, no, not the beach, but the blue thing on the beach. We won’t lie, the sight of golden sands and the blue sea along the coast of Australia does mesmerise and amaze us, a lot more than the view out of the window of grey skies and rain beating down off the dull car park, that’s for sure. But we haven’t got that, what we have got is the blue thing.....introducing the WondaWedge Inflatable Back Rest Lounger.

They say it’s the simple things in life that have the most impact, well in the case of our friend the Wondawedge that is very true. Boy is he simple, but like the majority of simpletons, being easily swayed and all, he has a lot of uses. The Wondawedge can be used just about anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, for health or for recreation. Ideal for the beach as the picture shows (that we didn’t take!) or even our grey car park (which we did take, but won’t show as probably just describing it has depressed you.) However there is one key feature of all his uses....comfort.

We reckon that trip to the beach can be further enjoyed by bringing along your buddy, the WondaWedge. Cutting down what you have to carry, the WondaWedge stops the need for beach mats, loungers and deck chairs; instead you just need something that folds down to the size of a book, easily fitting into your bag. Inflating the WondaWedge is a breeze, no need for fancy pumps or air compressors, just good old human breath will bring it to life. From zero to hero, 1 minute the size of a book, the next minute big enough to sit on in complete comfort.

We have yet to take one, but the next festival we are going to, next month, a WondaWedge is coming along. We aren’t going to bother with camping chairs and stools, past experience from the long walk from the car park to the festival has taught us that no matter how small or compact they profess to fold, they still bash into you as you carry them, make other people angry as the chair bashes into them and are just generally awkward. Oh and camping chairs easily break, the fabric rips away from the frame far too easy, all it takes is you sitting down less than elegantly. The Wondawedge won’t break that easily, we aren’t saying it wont break (jumping on a lot of things destroys them) but it won’t break as suddenly and easily as them rip off folding chairs.

Although we said before the Wondawedge was simple, just like Dr Frankenstein and his monster, the creator isn’t. The WondaWedge was developed by physiotherapists to provide excellent lumbar back support and preserve spinal posture so is designed for health use too.

There are loads of things you can do with the WondaWedge, use it camping, at festivals, on the boat, when watching TV, by the pool, for recuperating with a bad back, for meditation, reading in bed, as a sleep aid, the list could keep going and going!

Want to know more? Find out more about the WondaWedge Inflatable Lounger. Oh and be quick and you could win a WondaWedge!