Waterproof Cases and Drybags

Water and electrical items don’t mix, perhaps one of the simplest things you learn as a kid. Whether your lesson about the potentially fatal mix of the elements was by having it installed into you by your parents or by the other extreme, namely that time you decided to play with mum’s hairdryer in the bath and the reason you now have a clump of white hairs at the crown of your head. Now as much as it seemed like a good idea at the time, we don’t recommend drying your hair in the bath, but here at OutdoorGB we do recommend a range of waterproof solutions that will stop plunged phones, immersed iPods and waterlogged laptops.

Whether you are at the beach, by the pool or on the boat, getting your belongings wet is never going to make for a pleasant experience. At SailGB we have a range of top-quality waterproof cases and drybags, suitable for all areas of marine use, excellent for stopping water and electricity mixing but also absolutely ideal for ensuring your shoes don’t get saturated, your money doesn’t get mushy and your sandwiches don’t go soggy.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, we have waterproof cases, drybags, dry tube bags and holdalls that will fit your iPod, camera, VHF radio, laptop, mobile phone, clothes and perhaps most importantly when out at sea, your lunch.

Here are a selection of our waterproof storage solutions:

Overboard Carbon 25L Backpack

Like a conventional backpack but with a twist, the OverBoard Carbon 25 L Backpack is 100% waterproof. This means it can be fully submersed in the water, leave it in a puddle on the deck of the boat all day long without fear of the contents getting soaked. As the OverBoard brand name suggests, the Carbon backpack is safe should it go over board, we are not saying you should throw it off the boat for the sake of it, but should it grace the surface of the water it will simply and safely float.

Comfort isn’t sacrificed for cleverness; the Carbon is waterproof and wearable. Conventional features such as a comfortable back panel with air-flow design, padded shoulder straps, lumbar support and an adjustable sternum strap and waist belt ensure the carbon isn’t a chore to wear.

Not just waterproof, the unique ‘high frequency’ welded construction will protect your stuff from dust, dirt, sand and most other substances that threaten damage.


Peli 1090

For some, no matter if they are at the beach or on the boat, they can never give business a break, for those guilty, the Peli 1090 Hardback Laptop Computer Case is perfect as it provides ample room for a 15 inch laptop with space for various cables and a mouse. The Peli 1090 features a plush thermal formed fabric lining with small shock absorbing cells, an automatic pressure equalisation valve and a solid design crafted from high-impact composite material, put simply the case is watertight, crushproof and dustproof.

Perfect for Apple users, the 15 inch Macbook Pro will slot right inside the Peli 1090 case and exactly like a Mac, it offers style and performance. Should it not perform, which isn’t very likely, the 1090 Case is covered by Peli’s guarantee of excellence, the highest guarantee a manufacturer can offer, an unconditional lifetime guarantee.


The Ortlieb Sailing Dry Bag is at home in any harbour in the world, durable and rugged, it is designed for wet and humid areas on board the boat. Manufactured from tear and abrasion resistant polyester fabric, the Sailing dry bag features a bottom loop and D-rings at the closure to provide 100% waterproof storage. Keep a bundle of clothes bone dry in the most wettest of conditions, also ideal for your sandwiches and ensuring you don’t create a new meaning for the term ‘liquid lunch’.

Ortlieb Sailing Dry Bag


Overboard Waterproof Sports Bag

Resembling a standard kit bag but offering total waterproof protection, the Overboard Waterproof Sports Bag is excellent for a weekend away on the water or for taking a lot of stuff to the beach. 100% waterproof, the Waterproof sports bag is manufactured from rugged, durable materials for heavy-duty use. Features multiple pockets, so you know exactly where everything is.


Most people these days are lost without their phone, even if they are relaxing on the boat or at the beach. The Aquapac Waterproof Mini Phone/GPS Case solves the potential problem of sand or worse water invading every nook and cranny of your phone’s inner workings. When using the case GPS signal will remain unaffected, making it ideal for use with the iPhone and smaller GPS units. Talk as normal through the case and with the LENZFLEX window on the back you can even continue to take pictures as the camera lens is left without obstruction.

Manufactured with tough vinyl construction, the Aquapac Waterproof Mini Phone/GPS Case is foam padded for extra comfort and protection and will even float with your phone inside, enabling you to use your phone safely in all conditions.

Aquapac waterproof Mini Phone/GPS Case

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