Louis' Svalbard Adventure

Day 9

Sleeping Through a Storm

We slept in red Hilleberg tents designed specifically for Arctic conditions. It quickly became clear how important a reliable tent would be to the success of our expedition - violent arctic winds regularly swept through camp seemingly determined to rip away our small shelters. The tents were remarkably resilient and while the storm raged outside we slept surprisingly well, despite being crammed in like sardines.

Preparing the tents

It was only when we ventured outside the following morning that the full ferocity of a storm would become apparent with our pulks often buried in snow. We always clipped the pulks to the tent so we could easily recover them. By the end of the expedition we had perfected the art of putting up our tents in seconds and, once it was secured to the snow with pegs and skis, would quickly dig a small porch and get to work melting snow (a painfully slow process) to fill our water bottles for the next day and make our dinner.

Sleeping through a storm

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