Louis' Svalbard Adventure

Day 8

Curious Svalbard Reindeer

As we skied deeper into the valley, herds of Svalbard reindeer started to appear dotted across the hills. Inquisitive creatures, they seemed unperturbed by our presence and would often wander up to us when we stopped for a water break. With their friendly faces and calm demeanour, my spirits soared whenever I saw them. They were unlike any reindeer I have ever seen - their stubby legs and fluffy coats reminded me of the Shetland ponies my grandmother used to keep.

Curious Svalbard reindeer

Surprisingly, the Svalbard reindeer have no natural predators. Polar bears are as fast as a galloping horse over a short distance but rarely successful stalking reindeer and usually stick to their forte of hunting seals on the sea ice.

Day 8

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