Polar Fitness Watches


From a pledge to lose weight that sees you running round the block a few times a week to the committed athlete training for a competition, here at OutdoorGB we have a Polar fitness watch that will suit your exact needs.

Polar was founded in 1975 by Professor Seppo Säynäjäkangas after meeting up with an old friend working as a cross-country skiing coach. The friend, venting his frustration at not being able to accurately record his team’s heart rates inspired Säynäjäkangas and opened his eyes to the benefits of portable heart rate monitors. In 1979, the first patent for wireless heart rate measurement was filed by Polar and by 1982; Polar had launched the first-ever wearable heart rate monitor, changing the way athletes trained forever. Now over 30 years since that moment of inspiration, here at OutdoorGB we have a range that includes basic models to help motivate and inform beginners to complete training systems for world champions across numerous disciplines.

The basic premise that Polar can teach us is that to get the most out of your training doesn’t necessarily mean pushing yourself to the extreme and working harder or faster. The best way to get the most out of your training, watch yourself improve and start seeing results is to train at the right intensity. With a Polar fitness watch you can make sure you are not over or under training and make each session count with the ability to view the results of your workout instantly.
The range of fitness watches from Polar aren’t just limited to one type of training, all of the models in the range enable you to feel free to train the way you want to train. One day you may want to run, the next perhaps you want to do cardio and maybe for your next session you just want to sweat away your worries at the gym. Whichever it is, a Polar fitness watch will help you to train at the right intensity and start seeing results.

The range of Polar fitness products at OutdoorGB covers a wide spectrum, so whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance or just intend to lead a healthier lifestyle, below we have something for you.

Polar FS1

The Polar FS1 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Unit is the entry level model in the Polar fitness range. Entry level may mean basic features but don’t automatically assume basic features equals poor performance. With heart measurement with ECG accuracy, target zone exercise guidance but with uncoded transmission, the FS1 is ideal for those without a gym membership, those who are just taking to pounding the pavement in order to lose a couple of pounds and improve their health.


Polar F4

Feel the burn and say goodbye to calories with the Polar F4 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Unit. Ideal to help you towards effective calorie burning, the Polar F4 enables to reach your goals by monitoring and displaying on screen your calorie consumption based on age, gender and other essential training information. Tone up your body and see how the intensity of your workout affects your heart rate with average heart rate of total exercise and maximum heart rate of total exercise. Polar’s Own Code technology means the unit has coded heart rate transmission which prevents crosstalk from other heart rate monitors, making it ideal for use in the gym.


Polar F7 Heart Rate Monitor

Need some motivation when training? Not anymore. The Polar F7 Heart Rate Monitor acts like your own personal coach, taking note of your current condition to ensure effective training. Depending on your body’s daily condition, you might benefit from either a low or a high intensity training session, the F7 will check your current physical condition and guide you to a suitable intensity. See how many calories you are burning onscreen whilst you are training, then once you are back home, transfer your exercise data from your wrist unit to polarpersonaltrainer.com to make training more fun. Challenge friends to virtual sports competitions, store your training in an online training diary, interact with other users, get online tips for your workout and tailor your training programme to your individual needs.


Polar FT80

The most advanced unit in OutdoorGB’s range of Polar fitness products, the Polar FT80 Training Computer is the most dedicated training partner for the most devoted fitness enthusiasts. Featuring the Polar STAR training programme, the FT80 adapts to your training habits and gives you new targets and guidance to help you achieve maximum efficiency and reach your workout targets for both cardio and strength training. With a built-in GPS sensor, the FT80 allows for speed and distance to be measured in outdoor sports. Check how quickly you can relax with Own Relax technology, a quick and easy way to check your body’s state of relaxation. Do the 5 minute relaxation session to measure your heart rate and heart rate variability and you can see how relaxed your body and mind are.

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