Amazonas Relax Hanging Chair

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Where better to hang out than in an Amazonas Relax Hanging Chair?

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Amazonas Relax Hanging Chair

Where better to hang out than in an Amazonas Relax Hanging Chair? It is certainly comfortable, relaxing and easy enough to put up and take down.

Weighing only about 2.3 kg, you can put this hanging chair wherever you have a stand or suitable hook and relax. As with all Amazonas chairs, the fabric is super-soft and comfortable ensuring that you can sit back and drift off, floating peacefully off the ground.

Perfect for the spring and summer, this chair is excellent for the garden and campsite or anywhere else you fancy. A favourite with children and adults alike, you won't want to sit anywhere else once you've sampled one of these!

  • Lying surface: Approx 130 x 100 cm
  • Weight: Approx 1.8 kg
  • Load capacity: Max 120 kg

Please note: hammock fixing kits and stands sold separately.

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