Aquapac Waterproof Belt Case

Colour: Black

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The Aquapac Waterproof Belt Case is an ideal travel or outdoor wallet.

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    Aquapac Waterproof Belt Case

    The Aquapac Waterproof Belt Case is an ideal travel or outdoor wallet. Submersible to 15 feet, the belt case protects your valuables from both water and sand damage as well as from thieves.

    The Aquapac Case includes a belt so that the wallet can be worn around your waist, ensuring you don't have to leave your belongings lying around. This makes it a useful accessory to take on holiday or travelling as you can keep important documents such as passports close to your person. It can even be worn in the shower or in the sea if you don't want to risk having items stolen.

    Like most other Aquapac products, Aquapac Waterproof Belt Cases float if they are dropped in the water, which helps you feel safer about your belongings when on holiday or boating.


    • Designed to fit passports and money
    • Opaque black case to foil prying eyes
    • Supplied with an adjustable belt
    • Also protects from dust, dirt and sand
    • Seams are high-frequency welded to form super-strong bond
    • The Aquaclip (patented, ultra-secure, rustproof, injection-moulded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers, and everything stays in one piece even when open

    What Size Do I Need?

    • Length: 185 mm (7.2 inches)
    • Circumference: 265 mm (10.5 inches)

    What's Included

    • Adjustable belt


    • Colour: Black
    • Material: TPU

    What Does 'Submersible' Mean?

    The Aquaclip sealing system used on this Aquapac case has been independently tested by the world-famous Engineering Research Centre at Imperial College, London. It's guaranteed waterproof to the international standard IPX8, which is as waterproof as you can get. It means that if you really want to, you can hold it 15 feet (5 m) underwater for half an hour safe in the knowledge that the stuff inside will stay completely safe and dry.

    All Aquapacs come with a full 5-year warranty.