Petzl Charlet Spiky Plus Non Slip Ice Grips
Colour: Black, Size: S (up to Size Euro up to 41/UK up to 9)
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Petzl Charlet Spiky Plus Non Slip Ice Grips

For secure walking on snow, ice, or other slippery surfaces, the Petzl Spikey Plus Non Slip Ice Grips are easy to use and inexpensive pavement crampons.

With small steel spikes, the Spikey Plus Ice Grips penetrate the ice or snow acting in the same way as studded snow tyres, giving you the ability to confidently stride across almost all frozen surfaces.

With no buckles or fasteners, the Spikey Plus Ice Grips is ideal for quick, snap-on, snap-off, use. Suitable for use with most shoes and boots, with flexible rubber straps that slip over your footwear. Lightweight enough to be carried in your pocket or in a small bag, the Spikey Plus Ice Grips have the ability to be carried on a ‘just in case’ basis.


Rubber Harness

Made by Nora, one of the largest rubber companies in the world, the rubber is 76% natural rubber and 24% high-grade synthetic rubber. This combination ensures sufficient flexibility in icy conditions and was found by laboratory tests to exceed the quality and durability of 100% natural rubber. The stretchability factor is 650%, allowing the rubber to be stretched 6.5 times its own length without damage even in icy low temperatures.

Steel Spikes

The small spikes are made of Widia steel by Krupp Steel Corporation of West Germany. This steel is harder than tungsten or carbon steel, which means they do not wear down on hard ice as quickly as most other lookalike products out there.


Size UK Size Euro Size
Small Up to 9 Up to 41
Large 10-12 42-45
X-Large Up to 13 46+

Note: the Petzl Spikey Plus Non Slip Ice Grips are not meant for mountaineering use.

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