C-Map NT+ Plus Local - Ireland (l)
Chart Area: M-Ew-C032 Benwee Head To Culdaff Bay
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C-Map NT+ Plus Local Charts

One of the most reliable chart options for boaters worldwide, C-Map NT+ Plus Local Charts continue to deliver exceptional quality and value to navigators worldwide.

Jeppesen’s classic line of electronic charts offers the same reliable navigation detail easy-to-use features you expect in all C-Map products.

To complete your order, please email details of your chartplotter brand and model number to the email address at the bottom of the page so that we may program your chart on a compatible cartridge.


  • Global coverage
  • Rich detail and information
  • Port and tide information
  • Frequently updated chart data
  • Easy on-screen query of all chart objects
  • Compatible with PC Planner so you can plan a route and save it to your user card for use in your chartplotter

C-Map charts by Jeppesen provide richly detailed navigation information and up-to-date chart data.

Chart Areas

The chart area images above use short codes for each of the charts. You can use the table below to look up each chart’s short code.

Short Code Full Code Area
L+366 M-AF-C207 Mauritius Is.
L+367 M-AF-C208 Reunion Is.
L+1 M-AN-C009 Kyongsong Man to Samarga
L+2 M-AN-C209 Korea Bay - Qingdo to Namp
L+3 M-AN-C210 Qingdo To Wenzhou
L+4 M-AN-C211 Shantou to Wenzhou
L+5 M-AN-C213 Gulf of Tonkin
L+6 M-AN-C215 Hong Kong
L+7 M-AN-C216 Taiwan
L+8 M-AN-C217 Kosong to Sosura-Ri
L+9 M-AN-C218 Nampo to Mokp'O
L+10 M-AN-C219 Mokp'O to Kosong
L+11 M-AN-C220 Ryukyu Islands
L+12 M-AN-C221 Kyushu South
L+13 M-AN-C222 Kyushu North
L+14 M-AN-C223 Kochi to Hamamatsu inc. Wasaka-Wan
L+15 M-AN-C224 Hamamatsu to Sendai
L+16 M-AN-C225 Komatsu to Sakata
L+17 M-AN-C226 Sendai to Sakata
L+18 M-AN-C227 Hokkaido
L+19 M-AN-C228 Shimane
L+20 M-AN-C229 Hiroshima
L+21 M-AN-C230 Shikoku South
L+22 M-AS-C101 Hue to Cam Ranh
L+23 M-AS-C102 Cam Ranh to Ban Mai Rut
L+24 M-AS-C103 Sichon To Kota Baharu
L+25 M-AS-C104 Strait of Malacca
L+26 M-AS-C105 Kota Baharu to Tinggi
L+27 M-AS-C106 Singapore
L+28 M-AS-C107 Sentebang to Kuala Belait
L+29 M-AS-C108 Brunei
L+30 M-AS-C109 Manila, Inc. Lamon Bay
L+31 M-AS-C110 Northern Luzon
L+32 M-AS-C111 Visayan Islands
L+33 M-AS-C112 Mindanao
L+34 M-AS-C113 Macassar Strait
L+35 M-AS-C114 Ujung Pandang
L+36 M-AS-C115 Denpasar
L+37 M-AS-C116 Ciberon to Surabaya
L+38 M-AS-C117 Cilacap to Puger
L+39 M-AS-C118 Jakarta and Christmas Is.
L+40 M-AS-C208 Thailand-West Coast
L+41 M-AS-C209 Thailand-East Coast
L+42 M-AU-C008 Launceston to Recherche Bay
L+43 M-AU-C009 Launceston to Southport
L+44 M-AU-C020 Apollo Bay to Port Albert
L+50 M-AU-C067 Tweed River to Mooloolaba
L+51 M-AU-C069 Pittwater to Forster Tuncurry
L+52 M-AU-C072 Victor Harbour to Apollo Bay
L+53 M-AU-C073 Port Douglas to Victor Harbour
L+54 M-AU-C074 Perth to Cape Bouvard
L+55 M-AU-C075 Mooloolaba to Bundaberg
L+56 M-AU-C077 Bundaberg to Cape Manifold
L+57 M-AU-C078 Cape Manifold to Mackay
L+58 M-AU-C079 Mackay to Bowen
L+59 M-AU-C080 Bowen to Richards Island
L+60 M-AU-C081 Richards Island to Cape Tribulation
L+61 M-AU-C082 Cape Tribulation to Prin. Charlotte Bay
L+62 M-AU-C083 Cape Direction to Thursday Island
L+63 M-AU-C084 Thursday Island to Edward River
L+64 M-AU-C085 Edward River to Wellesley Islands
L+65 M-AU-C086 Wellesley Islands to Cape Grey
L+66 M-AU-C087 Cape Grey to Cobourg
L+67 M-AU-C088 Cobourg to Daly River
L+68 M-AU-C089 Daly River to Kalumburu
L+69 M-AU-C090 The Kimberley Coast
L+70 M-AU-C091 Collier Bay to Port Headland
L+71 M-AU-C092 Port Headland to Onslow
L+72 M-AU-C093 Onslow to Coral Bay
L+73 M-AU-C094 Coral Bay to Kalbarri
L+74 M-AU-C095 Kalbarri to Two Rocks
L+75 M-AU-C096 Cape Bouvard to Windy Harbour
L+76 M-AU-C097 Windy Harbour to Hopetoun
L+77 M-AU-C098 Hopetoun to Port Eyre
L+78 M-AU-C099 Port Eyre to Port Douglas
L+79 M-AU-C100 Forster Tuncurry to Tweed River
L+80 M-AU-C101 Port Hacking to Catherine Hill Bay
L+81 M-AU-C102 Tuross Head to Port Hacking
L+82 M-AU-C103 Port Albert to Tuross Head
L+122i M-EM-C012 Sardinia South
L+123i M-EM-C013 Sardinia North: Costa Smeralda
L+124i M-EM-C014 Corsica East
L+125i M-EM-C015 Corsica West
L+126i M-EM-C016 Po River
L+127i M-EM-C040 Italian Lakes
L+374i M-EM-C048 Sicily
L+128i M-EM-C050 Marina Di Carrara to M.Na Di Tarquinia
L+129i M-EM-C051 Monaco to La Spezia
L+130i M-EM-C052 Civitavecchia to Acciaroli
L+131i M-EM-C053 Punta Licosa to Isole Eolie
L+132i M-EM-C060 Roccella Ionica to Bari
L+133i M-EM-C061 Bari to Ravenna
L+134i M-EM-C062 Porto Garibaldi to Trieste
L+135i M-EM-C064 Biograd to Shengjini
L+136i M-EM-C065 Budva To Valona
L+105 M-EM-C067 Balearic Islands
L+137i M-EM-C068 Sv Juraj to Ploce
L+107 M-EM-C072 Gulf of Lion
L+108 M-EM-C073 France Mediterranean East
L+138i M-EM-C080 Northern Tunisia
L+139i M-EM-C083 Koper to Pakostane
L+111 M-EM-C084 Greece West Coasts
L+140i M-EM-C087 Po Di Goro to Chioggia
L+141i M-EM-C088 Laguna Veneta
L+142i M-EM-C089 Piave Vecchia to Punta Tagliamento
L+115 M-EM-C093 Marmara
L+116 M-EM-C107 Malta
L+117 M-EM-C120 Western Part of Black Sea
L+118 M-EM-C121 Azov Sea and Eastern Part of Black Sea
L+119 M-EM-C122 Southern Part of Black Sea
L+368 M-EM-C123 Barcelona
L+369 M-EM-C124 Valencia
L+370 M-EM-C125 Alicante
L+371 M-EM-C126 Gibraltar
L+83 M-EM-C128 Central Aegean Sea
L+385 M-EM-C129 North Aegean Sea
L+386 M-EM-C130 South Aegean Sea
L+122 M-EM-C912 Sardinia South
L+123 M-EM-C913 Sardinia North: Costa Smeralda
L+124 M-EM-C914 Corsica East
L+125 M-EM-C915 Corsica West
L+126 M-EM-C916 Po River
L+127 M-EM-C940 Italian Lakes
L+374 M-EM-C948 Sicily
L+128 M-EM-C950 Marina Di Carrara to M.Na Di Tarquinia
L+129 M-EM-C951 Monaco to La Spezia
L+130 M-EM-C952 Civitavecchia to Acciaroli
L+131 M-EM-C953 Punta Licosa to Isole Eolie
L+132 M-EM-C960 Roccella Ionica to Bari
L+133 M-EM-C961 Bari to Ravenna
L+134 M-EM-C962 Porto Garibaldi to Trieste
L+135 M-EM-C964 Biograd to Shengjini
L+136 M-EM-C965 Budva to Valona
L+137 M-EM-C968 Sv Juraj to Ploce
L+138 M-EM-C980 Northern Tunisia
L+139 M-EM-C983 Koper to Pakostane
L+140 M-EM-C987 Po Di Goro to Chioggia
L+141 M-EM-C988 Laguna Veneta
L+142 M-EM-C989 Piave Vecchia to Punta Tagliamento
L+143 M-EN-C067 Swiss and Constance Lakes
L+144 M-EN-C075 Neusiedler See
L+145 M-EN-C077 Balaton Lake
L+146 M-EN-C081 Austrian Lakes
L+372 M-EN-C085 Danube: Croatia, Serbia
L+147 M-EN-C109 Kullen to Malmo and Sjaelland
L+148 M-EN-C125 Fyn Island
L+149 M-EN-C162 Eemshaven to Sylt
L+150 M-EN-C163 Flensburg to Ruegen
L+151 M-EN-C267 Bjorn to Valsviken
L+152 M-EN-C268 Stockholm to Orebro
L+153 M-EN-C269 Sodertalje to Oskarshamn
L+154 M-EN-C270 Figeholm to Malmo
L+155 M-EN-C271 Hoganas to Fredrikstad
L+156 M-EN-C272 Slatbaken to Goteborg
L+157 M-EN-C273 Stockholm Area - Hydrografica
L+158 M-EN-C274 Vedersoe to Aarhus
L+159 M-EN-C304 Sorpo - Hellsoe
L+160 M-EN-C306 Turku - Putsaari
L+161 M-EN-C308 Aaland
L+162 M-EN-C318 Turku Area
L+377 M-EN-C340 Hoernefors to Torsoen
L+378 M-EN-C341 Oerskaer to Hoernefors
L+379 M-EN-C342 Torsoen to Kluppiniemi
L+383 M-EN-C584 Oslofjorden
L+384 M-EN-C585 Larvik to Mandal
L+401 M-EN-C586 Norwegian Inland Waters
L+163 M-EN-C605 Svir
L+164 M-EN-C606 Neva
L+165 M-EN-C607 Chudskoye-Pskovskoe (Peipus-Pskov) Lakes
L+398 M-EN-C609 Gulf of Finland, East
L+399 M-EN-C610 Lake Ladoga
L+400 M-EN-C611 Onezhskoe Lake
L+166 M-EN-C630 Pechenga - Lumbovskiy Gulf
L+167 M-EN-C802 Polish Inland Waters
L+168 M-EN-C803 Polish Coasts
L+169 M-EW-C011 Belle Ile to Bordeaux
L+170 M-EW-C012 Rochefort to Santander
L+171 M-EW-C017 Falmouth to Lundy Island
L+172 M-EW-C018 English Channel Central
L+173 M-EW-C019 English Channel Western
L+174 M-EW-C020 Bristol to Milford Haven
L+175 M-EW-C021 Cardigan Bay
L+176 M-EW-C022 Irish Sea
L+177 M-EW-C023 Firth of Clyde
L+178 M-EW-C024 Firth of Clyde to Sound of Jura
L+179 M-EW-C025 Loch Crinan to Loch Linnhe
L+180 M-EW-C026 Mull to Loch Nevis
L+181 M-EW-C027 Isle of Skye
L+182 M-EW-C028 Strangford Lough to Saltee
L+183 M-EW-C029 Waterford Harbour to Mizen Head
L+184 M-EW-C030 Mizen Head to Limerick
L+185 M-EW-C031 Kilkee Bay to Benwee Head
L+186 M-EW-C032 Benwee Head to Culdaff Bay
L+187 M-EW-C033 Strangford Lough to Lough Foyle
L+188 M-EW-C035 Scotland North: East Coast
L+189 M-EW-C036 Bridlington Bay to Montrose
L+190 M-EW-C037 Bridlington Bay to Cromer
L+191 M-EW-C038 Dover Strait to Great Yarmouth
L+192 M-EW-C039 Thames & Medway
L+193 M-EW-C040 English Channel Eastern
L+194 M-EW-C041 Shetland Islands
L+195 M-EW-C042 Orkney Islands
L+196 M-EW-C043 Western Isles
L+197 M-EW-C044 Scotland North: West Coast
L+198 M-EW-C050 Dartmouth to Southampton
L+199 M-EW-C051 Lymington to Dover
L+382 M-EW-C112 Portugal Coasts: Fishing
L+381 M-EW-C135 Portugal Coasts
L+201 M-EW-C143 River Shannon
L+204 M-EW-C146 Galicia
L+373 M-EW-C147 Gijon
L+205 M-EW-C306 Barfleur to Dunkerque
L+206 M-EW-C307 Cherbourg to Cap Frehel
L+207 M-EW-C308 Cap Frehel to L'Aberwrac'h
L+208 M-EW-C309 L'Aberwrac'h to Concarneau
L+209 M-EW-C310 Pointe De Trevignon to Nantes
L+376 M-EW-C311 Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands
L+210 M-ME-C006 Israel & Lebanon
L+211 M-NA-C120 Lake of the Woods
L+145 M-NA-C121 Lake Winnipesaukee
L+212 M-NA-C126 Great Slave Lake
L+213 M-NA-C129 Lac Saint Jean and Riviere Saguenay
L+214 M-NA-C141 Rainy Lake
L+215 M-NA-C152 Lake Winnipeg
L+216 M-NA-C160 Lake Okanagan
L+217 M-NA-C161 Lake Simcoe
L+218 M-NA-C167 Kakagi Lake
L+219 M-NA-C174 Arrow Lake
L+220 M-NA-C175 South Shore of Lake Ontario
L+221 M-NA-C176 Northwest Shore of Lake Ontario
L+222 M-NA-C177 Northeast Shore of Lake Ontario
L+223 M-NA-C178 Lake Huron: West
L+224 M-NA-C179 Lake Huron: East
L+225 M-NA-C181 Kootenay Lake
L+226 M-NA-C182 Lake Nipissing
L+227 M-NA-C183 Shuswap Lake
L+228 M-NA-C187 Lake Michigan: Southwest
L+229 M-NA-C188 Lake Michigan: Southeast
L+230 M-NA-C189 Lake Michigan: Northwest
L+231 M-NA-C190 Lake Michigan: Northeast
L+232 M-NA-C191 Sandusky Bay and Approaches
L+233 M-NA-C192 Maumee River and Approaches
L+234 M-NA-C193 Approaches to Duluth
L+235 M-NA-C194 Thunder Bay and Approaches
L+236 M-NA-C195 Lake Superior: Southeast
L+237 M-NA-C196 Lake Superior: Northeast
L+238 M-NA-C209 Liverpool Bay To Yarmouth
L+239 M-NA-C210 Bay of Fundy: South
L+240 M-NA-C211 Fundy: North & Passamaquoddy Bay
L+241 M-NA-C214 Saint John River, New Brunswick
L+242 M-NA-C215 Eastern Pei and Northumberland St
L+243 M-NA-C216 Western Pei and Northumberland St
L+244 M-NA-C217 Halifax to Liverpool Bay
L+245 M-NA-C218 Strait of Canso and Approaches
L+246 M-NA-C219 Country Harbour to Shut-In Island
L+247 M-NA-C250 Cape Wolstenholme, Quebec
L+248 M-NA-C330 Englishman Bay to Winter Harbor
L+249 M-NA-C331 Blue Hill and Frenchman Bays
L+250 M-NA-C332 Penobscot Bay: Fox Island to Bangor
L+251 M-NA-C333 Isle Au Haut and Deer Island
L+252 M-NA-C334 Muscongus Bay and Damariscotta River
L+253 M-NA-C335 Sheepscot and Kennebec Rivers
L+254 M-NA-C336 Casco Bay and Approaches
L+255 M-NA-C337 Saco to Portsmouth
L+256 M-NA-C338 Hampton to Gloucester
L+257 M-NA-C339 Approaches to Boston Harbor
L+258 M-NA-C340 Cape Cod Bay
L+259 M-NA-C341 Cotuit to Chatham and Nantucket
L+260 M-NA-C342 Cuttyhunk to Cotuit Bay to Vineyard
L+261 M-NA-C343 Buzzards Bay
L+262 M-NA-C344 Southeastern Narragansett Bay
L+263 M-NA-C345 Northern Narragansett Bay
L+264 M-NA-C346 Southwestern Narragansett Bay
L+265 M-NA-C347 New London to Block Island
L+266 M-NA-C348 Gardiner and Peconic Bays
L+267 M-NA-C349 Niantic to Hartford to Branford
L+268 M-NA-C350 New Haven - Stamford - Port Jefferson
L+269 M-NA-C351 Greenwich to Rikers I. to Huntington
L+270 M-NA-C352 Rockaway Inlet to Moriches Inlet
L+271 M-NA-C353 Potomac River
L+272 M-NA-C354 Bermuda Islands
L+273 M-NA-C355 Sandy Hook to Barnegat Inlet
L+274 M-NA-C356 Little Egg Inlet to Cape May
L+275 M-NA-C357 Delaware Bay
L+276 M-NA-C358 Delaware River
L+277 M-NA-C359 Ocean City Inlet to Cape Charles
L+278 M-NA-C360 C and D Canal to Gunpowder River
L+279 M-NA-C361 Approaches to Baltimore
L+280 M-NA-C362 Approaches to Annapolis
L+281 M-NA-C363 Chester River and Eastern Bay
L+282 M-NA-C364 Choptank, Nanticoke River and Vicinity
L+283 M-NA-C365 Patuxent River and Potomac R. Delta
L+284 M-NA-C366 Pocomoke and Tangier Sounds
L+285 M-NA-C367 York River and Vicinity
L+286 M-NA-C368 James River and Vicinity
L+287 M-NA-C369 Willoughby Bay and Norfolk
L+288 M-NA-C370 Entrance to Chesapeake Bay
L+289 M-NA-C371 Currituck Sound and Surrounding Canals
L+290 M-NA-C372 Albemarle Sd and Eastern Pamlico Sd
L+291 M-NA-C373 Pamlico Sd and River and Neuse River
L+292 M-NA-C374 Cape Lookout to New River
L+293 M-NA-C375 Cape Fear to Winyah Bay
L+294 M-NA-C376 Approaches to Charleston Harbor
L+295 M-NA-C377 St. Helena Sound and Port Royal Sound
L+296 M-NA-C378 Approaches to Savannah
L+297 M-NA-C379 Doboy Sound to Fernandia Beach
L+298 M-NA-C380 Rappahannock River and Vicinity
L+299 M-NA-C381 Savannah River
L+300 M-NA-C382 Jacksonville to Daytona Beach
L+301 M-NA-C383 Daytona Beach to Sebastian Inlet
L+302 M-NA-C384 Sebastian Inlet to Jupiter Inlet
L+303 M-NA-C385 Jupiter Inlet to Fort Lauderdale
L+304 M-NA-C386 Hollywood Beach to Card Sound
L+305 M-NA-C387 Barnes Sd - Florida Bay to Marathon
L+306 M-NA-C388 Marathon to Key West
L+307 M-NA-C389 Key West to Dry Tortugas
L+308 M-NA-C390 Cape Sable to Cape Romano
L+309 M-NA-C430 Cape Romano to Fort Myers
L+310 M-NA-C431 Sanibel Island to Sarasota
L+311 M-NA-C432 Tampa Bay and Vicinity
L+312 M-NA-C433 Clearwater to St. Marks River
L+313 M-NA-C434 St. Marks River to St. Joseph Bay
L+314 M-NA-C435 East, St. Andrew and Choctawhatchee Bay
L+315 M-NA-C436 Pensacola, Perdido and Bon Secour Bay
L+316 M-NA-C437 Mobile Bay and Eastern Miss. Sd
L+317 M-NA-C438 Miss. Sound to Lake Pontchartrain
L+318 M-NA-C439 Mississippi Delta and Chandeleur Sd
L+319 M-NA-C440 New Orleans to Baton Rouge
L+320 M-NA-C441 Timbalier Bay to Atchafalaya Bay
L+321 M-NA-C442 Vermilion Bay and Atchafalaya R.
L+322 M-NA-C443 Vermilion Bay to Lake Charles
L+323 M-NA-C444 Sabine Lake to East Bay
L+324 M-NA-C445 Galveston Bay
L+325 M-NA-C446 Texas City to East Matagorda Bay
L+326 M-NA-C447 Matagorda Bay to Aransas Bay
L+327 M-NA-C448 Corpus Christi and Baffin Bays
L+328 M-NA-C449 Laguna Madre and Vicinity
L+329 M-NA-C530 The Virgin Islands
L+330 M-NA-C630 San Diego and Approaches
L+331 M-NA-C631 Mission Bay to Newport Beach
L+332 M-NA-C632 Los Angeles and San Pedro Bays
L+333 M-NA-C633 Southern Channel Islands
L+334 M-NA-C634 Santa Monica Bay and Approaches
L+335 M-NA-C635 Northern Channel Is. to Pt. Conception
L+336 M-NA-C636 Morro Bay to Monterey Bay
L+337 M-NA-C637 Half Moon Bay to Drakes Bay
L+338 M-NA-C638 San Francisco Bay
L+339 M-NA-C639 San Pablo Bay
L+340 M-NA-C640 Carquinez Strait to Sherman Island
L+341 M-NA-C641 Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers
L+342 M-NA-C642 Tomales Bay to Eureka
L+343 M-NA-C643 Trinidad Head to Yaquina Head
L+344 M-NA-C644 Yaquina Head to Tillamook Head
L+345 M-NA-C645 Western Strait of Juan De Fuca
L+346 M-NA-C646 Approaches to Victoria & Sooke
L+347 M-NA-C647 Admiralty Inlet and Vicinity
L+348 M-NA-C648 Hood Inlet and Vicinity
L+349 M-NA-C649 Bainbridge Island to Olympia
L+350 M-NA-C650 Seattle Harbor and Lake Washington
L+351 M-NA-C651 Everett To Skagit Bay
L+352 M-NA-C652 Anacortes to Bellingham
L+353 M-NA-C653 San Juan Island and Lopez Island
L+354 M-NA-C654 Orcas Islands to Point Roberts
L+355 M-NA-C655 Columbia River
L+356 M-NA-C830 Prince William Sound
L+357 M-NA-C831 Cook Inlet
L+358 M-RS-C211 Rybinsk Reservoir
L+380 M-RS-C218 Volga Delta
L+387 M-RS-C221 Archangel'sk - Kandalaksha
L+388 M-RS-C222 Cheboksary-Balakovo
L+389 M-RS-C223 Balakovo-Volgograd
L+390 M-RS-C224 Tver-Dubna
L+391 M-RS-C225 Moscow Reservoirs
L+392 M-RS-C226 Rybinsk-Gorodets
L+393 M-RS-C227 Nizhniy Novgorod - Cheboksary
L+394 M-RS-C228 Kama Upper
L+395 M-RS-C229 Kama Lower
L+396 M-RS-C230 Moscow-Kolomna-Kaluga
L+397 M-RS-C231 Oka Lower
L+402 M-RS-C232 White Sea Channel
L+403 M-RS-C234 Volgo-Don Channel
L+404 M-RS-C236 Lake Baykal South
L+359 M-SA-C030 Rio to Baia De Ilha Grande
L+360 M-SA-C031 Baia De Ilha Grande to Peruibe
L+361 M-SA-C032 Paranagua to Florianopolis
L+362 M-SA-C033 Approaches to Buenos Aires
L+363 M-SA-C110 Orinoco River Delta, Venezuela
L+364 M-SA-C113 Lago Nahuel Huapi, Argentina
L+365 M-SA-C114 Lago Llanquihue, Chile
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