Hides Technoskins Multi-Function Sunglasses Skins
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Hides Technoskins Multi-Function Sunglasses Skins

Hides Technoskins Multi-Function Sunglasses Skins take the basic essentials of the Hides Classic 3-in-1 system - retainer, case and cleaner - but make the whole a bit more technical.

Designed for extreme sports, high-endurance activities and racing, Hides Technoskins add the exclusive and patented Detachable Strap feature along with the added benefit of Impact Expansion Joint (IEJ) technology.

The Detachable Strap feature allows you to detach the case and cleaner from the strap and in this configuration the retainer portion can be clipped to itself and adjusted to become tight fitting during more mobile and physical activities.

The IEJ, acting like a shock absorber on a car, ensures additional security should a high-impact situation occur.

The detached case and cleaner section can then be used to protect/cover/clean a watch, as a sweat band, to form a fashion-coordinated ponytail, protect another pair of glasses or as a low-stress tie down.

Hides are multi-functional by design.
Multi-functional by design
  • Retainer, it holds glasses like a cord for convenience and to prevent loss. Slide ends of hides cord onto the stems of your glasses.
  • Case, fold the stems of your glasses with hides cord ends attached. Secure the protective fabric to one hinge and stretch across the lenses securing at opposing hinge.
  • It's a cleaning cloth, safely cleans without scratching.

Easy to use

Hides, easy to use.


Secure hides cord to the stems of glasses; adjust for comfort and fit by sliding cord up temples of glasses.


To use the built-in case, fold the arms of your glasses in with the hides cord attached.


Now stretch the protective fabric over lenses; start at one hinge and pull to the other hinge, then adjust.

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