Bushcraft Foil Hypothermia Blanket
Colour: Silver
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Bushcraft Foil Hypothermia Blanket

Used in the emergency survival kits of the British Military, the Bushcraft Foil Hypothermia Blanket has seen use in varied environments, from the tops of mountains to wrapping around marathon finishers.

The mechanism at work is heat reflection with the Foil Hypothermia Blanket shown to assist in the retention of up to 90% radiant body heat to stave off hypothermia or extreme cold.

Every mountain leader should carry at least one, and when they are so small and light packet up, there is no excuse not to carry one per group member. Useful not only as a survival blanket, the hyper-reflective surface of the Bushcraft Foil Hypothermia Blanket can also be used to signal for a rescue.


  • Lightweight foil sheet
  • Dimensions: 202 x 132 cm (84 x 54 inches)
  • Weight: 60 g (2 oz)
  • Colours:
  • Silver inner and outer
  • MOD/NATO STOCK NO. NSN: 7210/99/991/0460 refers to certain styles only
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