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Opinel Stainless Steel Knife in Blister Pack

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Attention all cooking enthusiasts!

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Opinel Stainless Steel Knife in Blister Pack

Attention all cooking enthusiasts!

Introducing the fantastic Stainless Steel Knife in Blister Pack brought to you by Opinel!

The Opinel Stainless Steel Knife comprises of an 8-cm stainless steel blade, on the end of a beautifully varnished beech handle.

There is also a virobloc safety ring locking blade, all supplied in the blister pack.

Be prepared for all your slicing needs! You will be sure to impress your guests with this fantastic, easy to use Opinel Stainless Steel Knife!

Opinel has combined style with function in the design of this fabulous Knife, which no great cook should be without!

Although the Opinel Stainless Steel Knife is simple in appearance, all Opinel products are the result of very intricate techniques in which Joseph Opinel put function first and then combined it with aesthetic quality.

Its difficult to be disappointed with this beautifully engineered Knife.

No.10 Stainless Steel NO.10VRI/SP

  • 10-cm stainless steel blade
  • Varnished beech handle
  • Virobloc safety ring locking blade
  • Supplied in blister pack